My partial denture broke

I was wondering if I can fix my removable partial denture myself? A small piece from the top portion broke off and I was wondering if super glue will do the trick? I wouldn’t normally use super glue but since the broken piece is on the gum line I’m thinking I may be able to fix it. Or do you think I need to take it into a professional?

– Clinton from Arkansas


I know you may think it is easier to just go ahead and attempt to fix it on your own. But it is essential that any part of a broken appliance is repaired and placed in precisely the correct spot where it broke. Unfortunately, if you go ahead and repair it and it is a bit out of place even by the smallest margin, sore spots and discomfort will likely result. Therefore, it is recommended that you see a professional.

In response to using superglue, it is important to recognize that it may only work temporarily. But it will most likely deteriorate after a couple days. Also, once the superglue fails and the denture is broken again, it will be an even more difficult fix than if you would have taken it in to begin with. This also means it could be more pricey. If superglue was to alter the fit of the denture then a new impression of your teeth may be required, which would result in an even more expensive fix.

The best approach is to take it in as soon as possible so it can be repaired properly.

Good luck.

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