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Bad tooth-what are the symptoms of an infection getting in the bloodstream?

I have a very bad tooth on the top right of my mouth that needs to be extracted which I have put off for over a year now. The tooth is broken to the gum and is rotted. I am fighting off a cold that I caught from my son and I am afraid that the infection from my tooth has gotten into my blood. I am having pain all down the right side of my neck and up into my head. I am really scared that it could be serious. I don’t have dental insurance but I need this tooth out now. Does anyone know what the symptoms would be if the infection has spread to my bloodstream and what I can do to prevent it from killing me before I can get this tooth extracted?

Thanks, Carol

Dear Carol,

An infected tooth with an abscess left untreated can drain into the nearby tissues of the infected area causing some facial swelling.  In some cases the lymph glands can swell and even make you feel like your experiencing a headache because pain can transfer from the infected area. Pain is fairly common on the side of the face where an infected tooth is located.

A severe tooth infection left untreated can lead to sepsis, in other words blood poisoning, which is an all over body inflammatory response due to an infection. Sepsis has been known to happen from an infected tooth however not too common. This is a serious condition which requires hospitalization and can be deadly. Some early signs of sepsis are flu like symptoms, dehydration, a racing heart rate, and shallow breathing however when it becomes severe one experiences difficulty swallowing, infrequent urination, and mood swings.

Due to the fact that this tooth has been left untreated along with the symptoms your experiencing we highly recommend you see a dentist who will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to decrease the infection. Ask the dental office about financial options they may offer and see if they are willing to work with you on making payments.

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