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Tooth Pulled But Pain Came Back 3 Weeks Later

I got my tooth pulled out last month and I had no pain what so ever. Then three weeks after I start getting pain where the tooth was pulled! The last time I had my tooth pulled it hurt for a few days after then it was fine so why isn’t it this time? I think I have an infection but on the Internet something about a dry socket came up. I also smoked after the tooth being pulled could that of caused something?


Dear Suzanne,

One of the instructions given following a tooth extraction is not to smoke or suck through a straw for 48 to 72 hours because it can cause a dry socket but not in all cases. Usually a dry socket happens within a week following an extraction. Since it has been three weeks it could be that part of the root tip broke off during the extraction and is lodged within the tissue. This can cause severe pain and discomfort. At times it can work its way out or may need to be extracted. Sometimes while extracting a tooth the bone can loosen and small bone spurs or splinters of bone work their way to the surface. These can be removed with ease however can also cause discomfort. If the tooth that was extracted was on the upper arch there could be the possibility that the extraction caused a sinus opening because the back upper teeth are positioned closely to the maxillary sinus. If this is the case you can be stitched in that area and given an antibiotic.

We advise you to make a follow-up appointment and have the area examined and an x-ray to see if there are any fragments left in the socket that may need to be removed.

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