Waiting period between extraction and dental bridge.


One of my upper molars was extracted. Right after the tooth extraction, the dentist set the bridge right on top of the area. There was no time between when the extraction took place and when the bridge was placed. I was told by someone that the area should have had pressure applied to it to avoid a blood cot. Do you know if my dentist did something wrong?

– Jordan from Minnesota


It is always difficult to make specific recommendations without having seen you in person. Although, it sounds as if everything has worked out okay. So in all likelihood your dentist probably did the right thing.

Even though you did not decipher whether or not the bridge was a permanent dental bridge or if it was just the temporary. Either way, usually there is some pressure applied to the tooth extraction site before placement. Although, for some patients there is actually very little bleeding and within a few minutes it has subsided. The pressure is a technique that is used if the dentist isn’t going to be monitoring it right after the extraction.

One of the benefits in having the dental bridge placed right away is that there is no time for any of the surrounding teeth to move. Sometimes if there is significant time that passes where there is no tooth in that area, the teeth can shift around and cause bite problem or other issues.

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