Affordable Dental Implants

When your teeth can’t be saved, you can be facing some tough choices.

Your health and your social appeal depend on having teeth. So, with no natural teeth, you need to have a denture. That can work all right for a while. But your body will begin to resorb the jawbone, and after ten or twenty years you may not be able to wear a denture, because there won’t be enough bone left to rest it on. This is called facial collapse.

You know you can prevent facial collapse by having dental implants. But dental implants are expensive, maybe out of reach for you. So what do you do?

Mini Implants Are Affordable Dental Implants

A standard implant compared to a mini implant.

A standard implant compared to a mini implant.

To answer your problem, here at Hylan Dental Care we offer the mini implants option. Mini implant have about 1/3 the diameter of standard implants. This greatly simplifies their placement. There is no surgical flap necessary. They have fewer healing complications and the healing is much faster. All of this translates into less cost. They can be about half the cost of standard implants.

There are some limitations to the use of mini implants. They are not strong enough to support crown and bridge work. But they are very good at stabilizing a denture and at preventing bone loss and facial collapse. To learn more, please visit our mini implants page.

Other Ways to Make Dental Implants Affordable

There are other ways to make dental implants affordable besides using mini implants.

One way is to keep our fees reasonable. By being efficient and having efficient staff, we can keep fees under control. We can also be sure to offer you all the options that are available. For complicated dental problems, there is usually more than one way to solve it, and there may be a more affordable option for you.

Snap-on dentures are another affordable alternative. This procedure involves placing only two implants in the jaw. The denture snaps in place to stabilize your denture. For more information about this, please visit our snap-on denture page.

We also offer a variety of payment plans, to help you fit this treatment into your budget. For example, CareCredit® is one of the payment plans. Click here to learn more about CareCredit® payment plans.

If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for mini implants, give us a call at 855-876-6100 for new patients or you can request an appointment online, by clicking on our request an appointment page.