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We Love to See Children

Here at Hylan Dental Care, we love to take care of children.

The key to providing excellent dental care for kids is to make it fun and let them know that you are safe and their friend.

If you need an Exceptional Pediatric Dentist in Aurora, you need to visit Hylan Dental Care. 

We offer pediatric dental services as well as comprehensive general, oral surgery, and other dental needs, so any dental procedure you or your children need will be at the same place.

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What Makes Hylan Dental Care Different?

Since 1979, Hylan Dental Care has been providing high-quality to every patient.

That is multiple decades of excellent experience.

Our dentists, hygienists, and staff all believe in a Gentle Approach to every dental procedure, whether it's a routine cleaning or oral surgery.

What exactly does a Gentle Approach entail?

We understand that many patients, children, and adults, may have anxieties when visiting the dentist.

At Hylan Dental, this fear is eliminated. 

Our treatments, whether a teeth cleaning, whitening, or Root Canal, are always as gentle as can be with minimal discomfort.

Catering towards children, distractions work as great technique to make performing dental exams and procedures on them easier.

Once their favorite movie or show is on, they hardly know they are receiving dental care at all!

Our ultimate goals when caring for your children are to:

  1. Provide exceptional dental care
  2. Practice Gentle Approaches with each appointment
  3. Help children develop and build a healthy, happy association with the dentist

Throughout our time, we have consistently shown our success with our satisfied child dentist in Aurora, Oh

Bring Your Kids To Hylan Dental Care of Aurora Today 

Our dentists are licensed general dentists, not pediatric dental specialists, but they still enjoy treating children.

Our Aurora Dentists have all the necessary training to perform dentistry services on pediatric patients.

Since we are not specialists in pediatric dentistry, we will refer any specialized dentistry needs to a Pediatric Dentist we trust.

If your children need dental work, contact the Best Dental Professionals for Children in Aurora, Ohio now.

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Rebecca Nichols

"Hylan Dental is so friendly and efficient. They gave me a same day emergency appointment and took care of all my needs. Everyone was really nice. I'm going back for a cleaning and switched my kids to their service. 5 stars."