Dental Bridge Treatment in Brecksville, Ohio

Are you a resident of Brecksville, Ohio and missing a tooth?

We understand that missing a tooth can take quite a toll on an individual's confidence. That is precisely why you need to visit the professionals at Hylan Dental Care.

Our doctors have proudly served the Brecksville community since 1979. That is almost 40 years of high-quality dental service!

One excellent treatment option that we provide for our patients is Dental Bridges. You may be wondering what exactly a dental bridge is.

Let's discuss just that!

What is a Dental Bridge?

The most simplistic way of describing a Dental Bridge is that it is two crowns, with a false tooth suspended between them, that is cemented over your adjacent teeth.

Are you missing multiple teeth?

Consider receiving affordable dental implants from Hylan Dental Care. Dental implants look and feel almost exactly like your real teeth and have been considered a dental miracle!

However, dental implants are more time consuming and require surgery. Dental Bridges are a faster and more traditional treatment option for a single missing tooth.

Missing Tooth Bridge Service in Brecksville

The dental bridge procedure for our Brecksville patients can be broken down like this:

  1. Two dental crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.
  2. The teeth are prepared for the crowns, and an impression is taken
  3. A temporary bridge or crowns are placed over the prepared teeth while the impression is sent to a dental laboratory. The impressions lead to a bridge that is constructed to precisely fit your teeth.
  4. In a follow-up appointment, the dental bridge is fitted and adjusted
  5. Finally, the bridge is permanently cemented, and your smile looks good as new!

What Makes Hylan Dental Different?

All of our Brecksville dentists, hygienists, and staff subscribe to a Gentle Approach.

What exactly does that mean?

We are aware that many individuals have extreme anxiety, or even phobias when it comes to visiting the dentists. They imagine their appointment consisting of painful procedures and judgmental dentists.

Hylan Dental Care wants to eliminate this fear.

Our dentists are always thoughtful, kind, and put the patient's comfort first. Our ultimate goal as a dental clinic is to make sure our patients feel good about their smile, have healthy teeth, and always feel comfortable during treatments.

For Brecksville patients, we feel we have met and surpassed this goal.

One way we ensure this is by utilizing Sedation Dentistry. With sleep dentistry, our patients do not go "completely under" like with general anesthesia, they still control their breathing and reflexes. However, our patients are in a completely relaxed state of mind.

In fact, many patients that utilize our sedation dentistry don't even have a recollection of their appointment when it is completed!

Talk about having peace of mind.

Visit the Brecksville's Best Dental Bridge Dentist

Best Dental Bridge Procedure in Brecksville Ohio

If you want to permanently replace your missing tooth and regain your confidence, visit Hylan Dental Care today. 

Our Dentists always use a gentle approach and make patient comfortability a top concern.

Visit Hylan Dental Care in Brecksville, Ohio and get an Affordable Dental Bridge, the permanent solution for a Missing Tooth today.

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Judy Costello

"Always take good care of their patients.If you get a crown or a bridge they look like your original teeth. If you have an emergency they see you right away.I am very grateful everyone there try's to make your visit a good one."