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We Love to See Children

Here at Hylan Dental Care, we love to see children.

The key to providing excellent dental care for kids is to make it fun and let them know that you are safe and their friend.

If you need an Exceptional Pediatric Dentist in Brecksville, you need to visit Hylan Dental Care. 

You and your kids will be able to share an experienced Dentist that has been serving Brecksville and other local communities since 1979.

However, what makes Hylan Dental Care a step above every other local dentist? Keep reading to find out!

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What Makes Hylan Dental Care Different?

Hylan Dental Care has been serving Brecksville for almost 40 years. That is decades of excellent experience.

One important factor to remember is that our dentists, hygienists, and staff all believe in a Gentle Approach. What exactly does that mean?

We understand that many individuals, children and adults alike, can have extreme anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist.

We want to eliminate this fear at Hylan Dental Care. 

Our doctors are kind, and whether you need a routine cleaning or an extensive dental implant procedure, our treatments are always as gentle as can be with minimal discomfort.

For children specifically, we find that distractions are great techniques to make it easiest on them.

We have television screens in our treatment rooms and simply load their favorite movies or shows. At that point, they hardly know they are receiving dental care at all!

Our ultimate goals are the following:

  1. Provide exceptional dental care
  2. Have each treatment be as gentle as possible
  3. Help children build a healthy and happy association with the dentist

In our extensive years of experience, we have proven to be consistently successful in accomplishing these tasks.

Bring Your Kids To Hylan Dental Care in Brecksville Today 

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Dr. Hylan is licensed as a general dentist, not a pediatric dental specialist, but he and his staff still enjoy treating children.

Our Brecksville Dentists have had the training necessary to provide all of your children’s basic dental needs.

If your children happen to need any specialized services, our dentists will be more than happy to refer them to a pediatric specialist that we trust.

If your children need dental work, contact the Best Dental Professionals for Children in Brecksville, Ohio today.

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Mary Carson

"Great dental staff. Wonderful hours and never a long wait. Gentle with children and adults alike. My family has been coming for years and I never dread going to the dentist!"