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The dentists and staff at Hylan Dental Care have been providing top of line dental care and serving the community since 1979.

We are the trusted choice when you need a dentist in Westlake, Ohio.  

The dentists and staff at Hylan Dental Care strive to provide dental care to everyone in need. This means we offer a relaxed environment for those who are nervous, a pain-free procedure, so you never have to fear, and of course affordable prices so everyone can get the treatment that they need.

If you are like many other individuals, you may be afraid of going to the dentist or fear being judged on the quality of your dental hygiene, well we promise to make your experience exceptional and never judge you or cause stress or concern during your treatment. 

We want to ease your mind while getting you the oral treatments you require. 

Dr. Brad Hylan started his practice with one goal in mind: make dental care and cleanings pain-free and comfortable for everyone.

So schedule your appointment today at Hylan Dental Care Clinic. Our dentists and staff will provide you with top-rated care while only using techniques that make you feel relaxed and completely comfortable.

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Services We Offer 

Each of our dental clinics around Ohio offers a wide range of services. Dr. Brad Hylan strives to make receiving the dental care you need at simple as possible.

If you are in Westlake, Ohio, our dental office will be able to meet your needs and offer the treatments you require without having to visit multiple clinics.

Our featured offerings include:

Routine Care

Regular teeth cleanings and keeping up on your oral hygiene is essential.

Visiting your dentist twice a year is not only recommended, but a necessity if you wish to prevent cavities, keep your gums healthy, teeth white, and mouth healthy.

Routine dental care is often neglected, so we want to stress its importance and encourage everyone to visit a dentist at least two times a year for an examination.

The routine services at Hylan Dental Care include:

If you have ever experienced a toothache, you know the amount of pain it can cause, and if you haven't you should consider yourself very lucky!

Dentists are typically the only individuals that can find the solution to your problem and provide the treatment that you need. So, if you are suffering, come to the expert dentist in Westlake, Ohio

Our professional and experienced dental staff often treats individuals experiencing a toothache with the following care options:  Root Canal Treatment 

Missing Teeth

Are you ashamed of your missing teeth? Do you often find yourself embarrassed to smile?

Well, we want to help you! 

Individuals can lose their teeth for a variety of reasons, but we want to help the residents of Westlake, Ohio start smiling from ear to ear.

Hylan Dental Care can help you regain your smile with some of the services and solutions listed below:

Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile exudes confidence and can even define your personality, and we want every individual to have a smile they are proud of.

If you are embarrassed by your smile, do not live hiding your teeth any longer!

Schedule a consultation at Hylan Dental Care and see what cosmetic dentistry options will work for you!

We want everyone to leave our office with a smile on their face, exuding newfound confidence.

At Hylan Dental, we offer the services below so patients can even design their very own new smile! 

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Individuals in need of dental care in Westlake, Ohio should contact Hylan Dental Care. Our dentists and staff pride themselves on providing patients in the community with comprehensive treatment options.

We strive to meet the dental care needs of every patient we treat. We offer painless procedures, a relaxing and judgment-free environment, and affordable care so you can get the treatments you need.

If you live in Westlake, Ohio and need a professional dentist near you, click on the button below and schedule an appointment at Hylan Dental Care today!  

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The people were very nice and informed. Wait wasnt to long. The Doctor Lam that saw me was nice and talked me through everything that was going on in my mouth.

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