Dentist won’t clean her teeth without surgery

My wife has large pockets and has been told she needs surgery BEFORE our dentist will clean her teeth. She isn’t willing to do the surgery for various reasons. It’s frustrating because we’re being forced into unwanted surgey simply because she wants/needs her teeth cleaned. Any idea’s you can offer to help this situation would be appreciated. Thanks-
– Roger from California

Dear Roger,
I don’t know the specifics of your case, but I have some insight that may be helpful.

You say your wife has large pockets. This means that she has serious gum disease and is headed toward losing her teeth.

Your dentist feels she needs gum surgery. Since I don’t know any more about her case, I don’t know if that is true or not. But to not agree to that recommended treatment could have serious consequences for your wife. I can fully understand why her dentist might say that without that surgery, there’s no point in cleaning her teeth.

When you have deep pockets, cleaning your teeth is not a simple task at all. It often requires multiple appointments. The pockets have to be cleaned to the very bottom. You usually need novocain, and in some cases there may be surgery required simply to get access to the deepest part of the pockets.

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