Bone poking through after extraction

I had a lower back molar extracted and now there is bone poking through the gum. Why does that happen and what options do I have for taking care of it?
– Mike from Virginia

There is nothing wrong if there is bone poking through your gum after your tooth extraction, unless it’s causing some pain.

What happens after a tooth is extracted is that the bone that is left may have sharp edges because of the hole in the bone that is created. As your gum shrinks around that bone, the sharp edges can be left exposed. In time, your body remodels this bone and smooths everything over.

If it is too irritating to you, you can have your dentist smooth out the bone. That’s an easy procedure that doesn’t require novocain because there are no nerve endings in that bone. If it’s accessible to you, you could smooth it off yourself with a nail file.

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