I need $50,000 worth of work. Can I get dental insurance?

I went to the NYU dental clinic on an emergency basis. I was referred to the clinic for extreme cases. Treatment plan was for the entire mouth (inclusive of bridge for 4 front teeth, dental implants, fillings & possible bone graft.) Estimated cost is $50,000. They will only begin treatment if you agree to full treatment plan & give them approx. 30% upfront. What cosmetic dental insurance can I purchase in order to have treatment done by a cosmetic dentist in private practice (instead of at the Clinic)? This is a crisis situation & I really need treatment right away.
Many thanks in advance,
Barbara from New York

Do you think you could buy fire insurance for your home AFTER your home has burned down? No company is going to sell you a dental insurance plan when they can predict ahead of time that they will pay out more than you pay in. Would you do that if you owned the insurance company?

The way dental insurance works is that your employer pays the insurance company. They pay enough to compensate the insurance company for all the benefits they pay out, plus a little profit margin. The employer then works that into a budget, and they base that budget on the average cost for each employee. What causes it to make sense is that when the employer pays for it, it’s paid with before-tax dollars. If they didn’t pay the insurance company, they would pay that to you, but you would get taxed on that amount. That’s where the money savings is for you. And for every one of these dental insurance plans, they place strict limits on the dollar amount of benefits that they will pay in any one year. $50,000 is way more than any dental insurance I have heard of. Annual benefits range from $500 to $2000 per year.

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