Root canal treatment on a wisdom tooth

I am 31, male and have had a root canal procedure in the past. Due to a cavity, one of my wisdom teeth has been damaged badly enough that the root had died, the cavity was filled and appeared fine for 6-8 months. Unfortunately it appears an infection of some sort has presented itself and removal has been recommended. Essentially I do not want to loose this tooth, or would want it replaced, but my dentist does not agree with my motivation and it is possible I do not understand the risks.

Thank you.
Orbatos from Japan

There are two reasons that dentists don’t generally do root canal treatments on wisdom teeth. The first is that these teeth aren’t really very useful. More often than not, they are in situations where they get infected easily, and these infections can be serious.

The second is that the roots of wisdom teeth are generally very difficult to treat with root canal treatments. They tend to be very curved, and access is very difficult.

With any root canal treatment, there is a chance of root canal failure. On a wisdom tooth, those chances for failure will be the highest of any tooth, and the cost of the treatment will be the highest of any tooth.

Generally, most dentists wouldn’t recommend going though any extraordinary means to save a wisdom tooth unless you are missing the adjacent tooth and this tooth is needed as an anchor for a replacement tooth.