Wisdom tooth extraction still hurting after 2 months

I am 47 and had three wisdom teeth,two lower and one upper, extracted two months ago (Nov.3). I had terrible dry sockets on bottom that required five packings. The sockets have finally stoppied hurting, but I have terrible, achy lower jaw pain almost constantly. It seems more like bone pain that it does the previous socket pain. It gets worse if I talk, sing, or eat crunchy food. Is this normal? Or should I call the oral surgeon? Thank you!
– Deborah from South Carolina

While it takes months for the bone to completely fill in after any tooth extraction, your mouth should be feeling back to normal within about two weeks after even a tough wisdom tooth removal.

Dry socket, contrary to what even many dentists believe, appears to be an infection of the bone. Usually the dry socket dressing and time is enough to completely heal the dry socket, but it’s possible for any infection in the socket to spread deeper into the bone, lymph nodes, or other places in or near your jaw. I would go back to the oral surgeon and have him or her look at the situation. If they dismiss it as “well, this will just get better with time – just give it more time,” then go ahead and give it more time – about two weeks – and then go back again until you are pain-free.

Pain is a message our body tells us to let us know that something is wrong and needs attention, so I’d get this solved.

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