Dentures don’t fit and are painful

Is there anything that can be done to the lower jaw bone to stop it from curling forward and getting less height? It does not hold up my bottom plate so it hits my lip crevice and causes massive blisters where I have to completely remove my teeth in order to eat without pain. My lower bone structure is like folding or starting to roll forward so it makes my dentures not fit well and very painful.
– Nancy from Missouri

You have very little jawbone left, and this is what happens when you haven’t had teeth for many years. Your jawbone keeps shrinking and it gets more and more difficult to wear a denture comfortably. When your jawbone gets thin like it has for you, it gets sharper, and trying to rest a denture on it can be painful. We call your condition facial collapse, and it happens gradually over a period of ten to twenty years after all your teeth are extracted.

It’s a difficult problem, and the only solution is to have bone grafting done to increase the amount of jawbone, and then you can have dental implants placed which will anchor your denture.

This is why we encourage patients to have dental implants done when they first lose their teeth. When dental implants are present, it prevents facial collapse.

My suggestion is to find a dentist who does a lot of dental implants. You may find dentists who tell you that your case is hopeless and there is nothing that can be done for you. But there are dentists who are successfully treating cases of facial collapse like yours, so keep looking until you can find one. If you can find a dentist who is a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, that is an excellent credential that tells you the dentist is truly an expert in this work.

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