Should I get a bridge or partial denture?


I have been told that I need a dental bridge. My dentist called it a five unit bridge to be specific. As I understand it, he was afraid that placing a partial denture wouldn’t work since I suffer from gum disease and bone loss. This could end up putting to much pressure on my already loose teeth. I received a quote of $5500 without the tooth extraction costs. Does that sound fair or should I keep looking?

– Paul in Louisiana


The price sounds appropriate for your geographic area. Although, it may be a good idea to get a second opinion to see if a dental bridge truly is the best option for your situation. Typically, a removable partial denture is known to place less stress on the surrounding teeth. Additionally, it is a lot less risky of a procedure. The bridge actually places quite a bit of stress on the teeth that surround the area. If you end up with a problem on one of the supporting teeth, you’d likely have to start over.

Best of luck!

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Dental flipper for bottom tooth

I was wondering if a dental flipper could be used to fix a missing tooth on my lower jaw?

– Katie from Nebraska

Dear Katie,

A dental flipper can be used if you are missing one tooth or even two. It is a simple, but temporary fix. The appliance is made of a fake tooth that is secured in place by wire clasps. Typically, it is used for teeth on the top of your mouth. This is because the top teeth are more frequently replaced due to their visibility. It will depend on your particular dentist and also how much room is available in your mouth. But to answer your question, a dental flipper can be used for a bottom tooth replacement.

If you are missing several teeth, there are other option. Dental implants are a permanent and natural replacement. Also, a removable partial denture is an option.

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