Will I get my braces with the first appointment?

I have an appointment for braces, but will I get them on the first appointment? I have already had x-rays done with my orthodontist and I am wondering what the first appointment will entitle. I am also having jaw surgery to help correct my bite.

Thanks, Katie

Dear Katie,

Usually your first appointment after your initial evaluation with your orthodontist consists of dental impressions, photos of your teeth, and the placement of rubber bands. Dental impressions are taken and a mold of your teeth is made so the orthodontist can correctly know which direction your teeth need to shift for proper alignment. Photos of your teeth and face are usually taken too. Rubber bands are usually placed in front and behind your molars to make room for the metal bands that will go on the teeth that hold the wires. Usually this is all that is done on the first visit. Your orthodontist will have you come back to place the braces on once the rubber bands have made enough room for the mental bands.

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Do I have a gum infection?

I have a bump on the inside of my mouth below my gums and it look like it has white puss in it what could it be?

Thanks, Chris

Dear Chris,

It sounds like you may have an abscessed tooth. In dental terms a pimple like bump below the gum area that has puss excreting from it is called a fistula. Most of the times people have no idea their tooth is infected because the infection is draining in the mouth and there is little or no pain coming from the tooth. Most teeth that get infected have pain upon chewing, ache on their own, or are sensitive to temperature because the infection stays at the base of the root of the tooth and not draining into the mouth which causes a toothache. If the tooth is truly infected, antibiotics will be prescribed and it will require a root canal and dental crown. We advise you to consult with your dentist to see if your tooth is indeed infected or if it’s some other condition.

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