8 Reasons to Start Smiling More | Health Benefits of Smiling

Smile and Benefit

Have you ever went to sleep and thought to yourself, "I have smiled too much today."

Probably not, right? A day full of smiling is typically a pretty great day.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your health, your mood, and even your success is to smile.
Do you have daily struggles and worries? Feeling depressed? Unhappy with your job?
Are you tired of turning on the TV only to hear unsettling stories about the economy, violent shootings and arguing politicians?

New year or not, life isn’t always easy. Some days it's hard to muster up enough energy to get through the day, let alone try and smile through it.

Let's look at some excellent reasons to start spreading that grin across your face.

Smiling does more than increase your face value.

Reasons to Start Smiling | Health Benefits of Grinning

Smiling is actually GOOD for you.

Did you know a smile can affect people around you and actually make them feel better, too?

Check out all the reasons why you should smile more:

  1. Smiling boosts your immune system: Studies have found evidence that smiling enables your immune system to work more effectively.
  2. Smiling relieves stress: Even if you don't feel like smiling or are not aware you are smiling, it can actually reduce stress.
  3. Smiling lowers blood pressure: There is a marked reduction in blood pressure when people smile.
  4. Smiling releases "feel good" chemicals: Tired of feeling blue or down? Smiling releases endorphins which are our body's natural painkillers. 
  5. Smiling is contagious: Flash that smile of yours to everyone you come in contact with! When you smile at other people, they will become happier and most likely smile back.
  6. Smiling makes you work harder: Smiling is actually linked to productivity. So the next time you're feeling lethargic and unmotivated, take a few seconds to look at a funny picture or think of your favorite joke. You'll be grinding and getting your work done in no time!
  7. Smiling makes you look younger: How would you like to knock a couple of years off your appearance? We have an easy solution...smile more! It is a fantastic anti-aging remedy. Think of smiling as a natural fountain of youth.
  8. Smiling will help you live longer: People who smile more likely to live longer, by about seven years, than individuals who barely ever smile.

Smile Like You Mean It

Whatever makes you smile, do it often and do it proudly. Flash your pearly whites and your day will automatically feel better.

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