A Parent's Guide To Tooth Fairy Ideas

 Tooth Fairy Tips For Parents

A parent's job is hard: besides being 'Mom' or 'Dad,' you also have to be Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, and when your child starts to lose their baby teeth... the Tooth Fairy!

If you are a first-time Tooth Fairy, you're probably wondering what exactly does being the Tooth Fairy entail?

This guide will help you know what your responsibilities are, what traditions the Tooth Fairy has had over the years, and new ideas to try with your kids at home!

Don't stop reading now; you have a lot to learn about your new job!


Article Table of Contents: 

Where Did The Tooth Fairy Myth Come From?

When Will My Child Start Losing Their Baby Teeth?

What Are Common Tooth Fairy Traditions?

Does The Tooth Fairy Leave A Note?

Does The Tooth Fairy Leave Money? How Much Money?

Can The Tooth Fairy Leave Something Besides Money?

Where Did The Tooth Fairy Myth Come From?

The most popular version of a ‘tooth deity’ is a mouse, who enters children’s rooms and removes baby teeth.

This version is widely popular throughout Russia, Spain, and many Asian countries like China.

The Tooth Fairy as we know her was inspired by the legend of the mouse mentioned earlier and the good fairy myth.

Around 1927, a book popularized a version of the fairy that we now consider the modern-day Tooth Fairy.

Tooth fairy

The legend was out-there for a while, but Walt Disney's characters became present in most households, and popularized The Tooth Fairy that we know today.

When Will My Child Start Losing Their Baby Teeth?

Children start losing their baby teeth around the age of 6.

The first teeth to be lost are usually the central incisors (their two front teeth).

Young girl with missing tooth

Around age 12 is when the last baby tooth is lost.

What Are Common Tooth Fairy Traditions?

The most common tradition for the Tooth Fairy is the child leaving their loose tooth underneath of their pillow when they go to sleep.

At night, the Tooth Fairy comes in and takes the tooth, leaving behind a gift for the child.

The gift that is left has been long debated about - which we dive into below.

Ultimately, what is left behind for your child is up to you.

If you are a creative type, click here for some DIY Tooth Fairy ideas.

Does the Tooth Fairy leave a note?

A way to make the gift a little personal is a handwritten message.

In the letter, you can thank your child for saving their baby tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

This is an excellent opportunity to teach your child about good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing every day.

If you choose to leave a note, it may be best to write it with your opposite hand or have someone else write it for you - that way the writing isn't recognizable to your child.
Does the Tooth Fairy leave money? How much money?

Some kids have been lucky enough to pull $20 per tooth.

However, the average amount parents shell out is between $1-5 per lost baby tooth.

This is all up to you, Mom and Dad.

It is best to develop a cost-effective system since your child will lose 20 teeth.

At $20 a tooth, that adds up pretty quickly to a total of $400 for some lost baby teeth.

Can The Tooth Fairy Leave Something Besides Money?

Like we said before, what the Tooth Fairy leaves behind is entirely up to you.

Besides a letter or a monetary reward, you can choose to leave your child a small gift.

Gift ideas could be:

  • A Tooth Fairy certificate for the lost tooth
  • Oral hygiene products made for kids
    • A toothbrush with their favorite character on it
    • Fun toothpaste
    • A fun flossing product
    • A small book

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