How to Attract the Opposite Sex With Your Smile

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Are you pleased with the appearance of your smile?

Are you concerned about bad breath?

Would you like whiter teeth?

If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions, it might be affecting your ability to relate to the opposite sex. When it comes to sex, appearance and fresh breath are definitely important.


You’re More Self-Confident With a Great Smile

Your self-confidence gets a natural boost when you have a great smile. You feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself … it is definitely easier to attract the opposite sex.

Smiling Is Psychological

According to several studies, when smiling, you:

Become approachable: When you smile, you’ll find others will want to talk to you more often, and there will be fewer people shying way when you’re speaking.

Build better relationships: By smiling, you’re able to make others feel more comfortable and open to conversation, reducing potential conflicts.

Improve your mood: Each time you smile, you’re causing a psychological response to the muscles that move during that action. It sends a signal to your brain to release endorphins to help you feel good.

Make your peers happy: Others can’t help smiling when you do because it’s a contagious action. When you smile, others will want to react by doing the same. So, if you smile at the opposite sex, they’ll likely smile back. Make sure the smile is authentic so you’ll receive one in return.

Appear younger: People typically judge a smiling face as more youthful than it is, so if your expression is neutral or frowning, you’ll look older.

Your Self-Esteem Shouldn’t Be Ruined By Your Teeth

If you’re embarrassed to smile, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Not only are you experiencing less happiness, but you’re also missing out on the potential for developing new and meaningful relationships.

Maybe you’re hesitant to return to the dentist because something occurred when you were younger.

Or maybe you had an accident that caused you to lose your teeth.

No matter what the issue, a dental professional can help resolve it.

Final Thoughts

When you improve the alignment, color and shape of your teeth you will see a drastic improvement to your smile.

Freshen your breath and the sky is the limit.

When asked what do most people notice first about the opposite sex, the answer most frequently given was their eyes and their smile.

Finally … If the thought of seeing the dentist makes you nervous, “Sedation Dentistry” makes it simple.

With “Sedation Dentistry” the dentist can give you a little pill to take. It totally relaxes you. In fact, people are often so relaxed they don’t even remember coming to their appointment.

So don’t let the fear of seeing the dentist hold you back.

At Hylan Dental Care we have a saying…

“We Cater to Cowards”

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