Why I Backed Out Of Clear Choice

I saw this commercial for teeth in a day and decided to go see what Clear Choice had to offer. I had in mind what I already needed. I have a few teeth that need implants and a bridge that needs replacing. My front teeth are perfectly healthy, though I’m considering whitening them. When I get there, they have a very slick presentation that impressed me. Unfortunately, when I moved to the one on one presentation I wasn’t too thrilled. They actually wanted me to extract all my teeth, even the healthy ones and then do their all-on-four procedure. I walked out. Why extract healthy teeth? Do you think I made the right decision?

Sherry D. – Michigan


I absolutely think you made the right decision. Like you said, why in the world would you extract perfectly happy teeth? Often I hear this about Clear Choice. They push this one procedure, which requires you to lose teeth that were fine. No thank you.

Bottom line, don’t get pushed into something you don’t need, no matter how slick the presentation.

You’ll be much better off just getting implants where you need them and replacing your bridge. You’ll find the implants are just like having your own natural teeth back. You can eat, drink, brush, and floss normally.

You mentioned the possibility of whitening your teeth. If that’s something you’re seriously considering, make sure you do it BEFORE you get your implants or replace your bridge. This way the dentist can match your replacement teeth with your bright new smile from the whitening.

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