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Why Should I Get the More Expensive Implants?

I need a third opinion. I have three teeth that need dental implants up front, then another tooth in the back. I went to comfort dental and they suggested mini implants up front, to save me a lot of money and a partial denture in the back. They told me they’d last ten years. I went to get a second opinion and he strongly disagreed. He said I needed traditional implants up front and a bridge in the back. He said the adjacent teeth to the back tooth needed crowns anyway, so a bridge makes more sense. So, which procedure should I do? Comfort Dental’s plan saves me tons of money, so I’d really need a good reason to spend so much more money.

Charles M. – Washington


I understand why you’d want a reason to spend more money. I can give you one, too. Mini implants are not used to support a crown. They’re mainly used to stabilize a denture. Saying they’d last ten years is way too optimistic. But, let’s dream and say they do. Then what? You won’t have enough bone structure to place new ones. You’d have to have bone grafting done and then get new implants placed. Why not do it right the first time? Otherwise, your “affordable dental implants” aren’t so affordable.

As for the bridge, I agree with that as well. If the adjacent teeth need crowns, a bridge is your most logical option.

Comfort Dental is a cooperation. They mostly recruit new dentists fresh out of dental school. They often use this type of employment to practice and gain experience before they go into private practice. That is something else to consider.

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Help My Affordable Dental Implants Nightmare

I need some guidance. I’m worried I’ve been dupped and ripped off. I knew I needed a couple of dental implants for some loose teeth. They’re the two teeth next to my very front teeth. I called around to different offices and one was significantly more affordable than the other dentists. I scheduled an appointment with them. He suggested pulling the teeth then and there. I liked the fact that he was ready to move forward and agreed. We waited for a healing time then I came back in to schedule the surgery. When I did, he told me I needed bone grafting from gum disease before the surgery. When he priced out that for me, it ends up more expensive than the other dentists I didn’t go to because of cost. Now I’m missing teeth and have no idea what to do. Can this be salvaged?

Abigail W. – Ft. Smith, TX


You’ve either been duped or gone to an incompetent dentist. When you have gum disease, dental implants are out. Period. It’s the gum disease which likely led to your losing the teeth to begin with. If your gums can’t support your teeth, they can’t support implants. The fact that this dentist indicated you could get implants means he’s a liar or he’s incompetent—neither of which you want in a dentist.

Affordable dental implants are possible, but not this way. Never just look for the lowest price. IT’s often a bad sign. There’s a big difference between affordable and cheap.

Here’s what’s going to need to happen.

1. Find a different dentist. One who does affordable dental implants. Again, I don’t mean cheap. There are ways to work with financial limitations and give you quality treatment.

2. Treat the gum disease. Without healthy gums, dental implants are out of the question.

3. Talk to your dentist about your affordable dental implant options. There are several treatment options for you, but which one is best depends on your individual situation. I can’t make a recommendation without more information. Choose your dentist carefully.

Depending on the extent of your gum disease, you may be able to get a dental flipper for the missing teeth, which will at least give you more social confidence until you can have a permanent replacement.

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Affordable Dental Implant Doctor Insists I Get Veneers Too

I lost my two front teeth in an accident when I was a teenager and, for the past ten years, I’ve been wearing a flipper. Lately, I’ve been shopping around for some affordable dental implants, and I came across someone who comes highly-regarded for his cosmetic work, even though his rates are supposedly cheaper. During the consult, he told me that we could go ahead and do the implants to replace my missing teeth, but he wants me to get two veneers placed on each side of them, so I’d have work done on a total of six teeth. He says this is important if I want everything to match well. Now, I know my flipper isn’t perfect, but it matches ok and my prior dentist never said anything about needing veneers later. He just suggested I get the implants done when I was an adult. To be blunt, there was a reason I was shopping for affordable dental implants. I’m not made of money and the veneers aren’t cheap. If I need them, I guess I need them, but it seems odd to me that my prior dentist never mentioned this. Is this standard in cases like mine?


Xavier W. – Kansas

Dear Xavier,

I’m glad you wrote before following through on this treatment. No, this isn’t a normal course of treatment. Unless there’s something cosmetically wrong with the other teeth that you want to correct, there’s no need to have anything done to them.

Even if there was something wrong with your other teeth, I’d suggest you go to a different dentist to have your porcelain veneers done. This dentist may give you affordable dental implants, but he can not give you a gorgeous smile. If he can’t make the implants look nice next to your natural teeth, he is not a very good cosmetic dentist.

It takes a high degree of skill, as well as knowledge of materials and shading, to make everything come together right. The fact that he insists this is the only way he can make it work for you suggests that he’s either not skilled with cosmetic work or that he’s trying to increase your bill. Neither scenario gives me any confidence in him.

You can find affordable implants without doctors inflating their prices AND get quality work, but focus on quality first. If need be, you may be able to break the costs up or finance them. Implants are generally done and paid for in stages anyway, which makes budgeting for them easier. Get a second (and maybe a third) opinion before you begin any work and skip the veneers unless it’s something you want for cosmetic reasons.

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Why Did My “Affordable Dental Implant” Really Fall Out?

Can you help me figure out what is really going on? I’m losing confidence in my implant dentist. I went to him because he was the most affordable implant dentist in my area. I was so excited to get them. It was a dream I thought could never happen. I saved for years to get these. Now one of them has fallen out. The dentist said it’s because I waited too long to get them and I don’t have enough bone anymore. He warned the others might fall out too. He acted like this was my fault. I’m wondering if he shouldn’t have warned me about this beforehand? Am I being unfair?

Liz R. – Richmond, Virginia


Not only are you being completely fair, I think you should ask for a refund. It’s the dentist’s job to make sure you have enough bone structure to retain the implants, not yours. When he first examined you for dental implants, he should have examined you for both gum disease and bone resorption. Either of these conditions is contraindicative for dental implants.

You said you’ve been saving up for dental implants for a while. I’m not sure if your dentist warned you about this. Based on what you’ve said I doubt it. When you first lost your teeth, your body recognized you didn’t have any tooth roots and began reabsorbing the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere. This causes your jawbone to shrink. After a few years, you no longer have enough bone to support implants or dentures.

Unfortunately, in order to get dental implants, you’re going to need to have bone grafting done. Otherwise, the new implants will fall out. Not even dentures will stay in when you don’t have enough bone. I know this is not the news you wanted to hear.

It sounds like this particular dentist wasn’t really offering affordable dental implants. He was offering a quick solution that wasn’t really viable. There are more ethical dentists who will work with you. Many of them have payment plans. Some of them even have interest-free payment plans.

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Is It Safe to Go with the Cheapest Dental Implant Doc?

I have taken quotes from several dentists on their price for dental implants. There are some who are way up there in price, a few in the middle, and one pretty cheap. Is it safe to go with the cheapest?

Olivia B. – Connecticut


Let me have you look at this another way. Would you base a surgery for your child on which doc is the cheapest? Probably not. You’d want to know how many times he’s done the procedure. What his success rate is, etc.

Dental implants are a surgical procedure and therefore not to be taken lightly. Granted, they are the best tooth replacement. If I were replacing one of my teeth, I’d go with dental implants. However, you want to make sure your dentist is qualified and skilled in doing the procedure.

If cost is factoring you out, there are affordable ways to get dental implants without getting yourself into a dangerous situation. Talk to a qualified dentist. He’ll likely be willing to work with you to get the best result within your budget.

There are plenty of dental implant horror stories that should keep you from just going with the cheap dentist. Cheap definitely could end up costing you a fortune in both money and health.

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Choosing the Right Solution for Affordable Implant Treatment

I have a missing upper molar and two canine teeth that need replacing. One place I went wants to do mini implants to replace them. They told me it would keep cost down and last ten years.  They’re very affordable. The other dentist suggested instead to replace my canine teeth with regular dental implants and on the missing molar to do a bridge because the teeth next to them are broken and having problems.  This is a more expensive option. The two plans are so different, I’m having a hard time choosing and don’t want to get sucked into the wrong one, simply based on math.

Emely R. – PA


I’m glad you’re not making decisions simply based on the “best deal”. Sometimes what you think are affordable dental implants end up being what costs you the most, in both health and dollars.

If I were in your place, I’d go with the recommendation of the second dentist. Here’s why.

Mini implants, though more affordable, are not meant to be single tooth replacements. They’re designed to secure a denture. They don’t usually last ten years. But, let’s say you luck out and they make the full promised ten years. Then what?  You don’t just replace them with new implants. They fail when there’s not enough bone structure to support them anymore. In order to replace them, you’d have to have bone grafting done, which is quite expensive.

If you start with full-sized implants, you have a 98% chance of success, depending on who does the procedure.

The bridge is also a good idea, because it addresses the needs of the adjacent teeth.

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Are Affordable Dental Implants a Scam?

A good friend of mine went to Mexico in search of affordable dental implants. The doctor studied here in the United States and spoke fluent English, plus had stellar reviews, so she felt very comfortable being in his care. She went through the whole process with him, visiting Mexico every couple of months for about a year. She said that his work was so cheap that she could pay for the repeated trips and still save money. I didn’t ask her what his total costs were, but she raved about him. Well, just after the work got finished, she came down with a nasty infection and she made the trip out there yet again. The doctor gave her antibiotics and sent her home. About a month after that, her whole face swelled up and I had to drive her there because she couldn’t go on her own. The guy had to take the whole thing out and now she’s got nothing. Has to start from scratch. How common is this? Until her incident, I was considering going to him for affordable dental implants, too.

Mel – Texas

Dear Mel,

Affordable dental implants often wind up being anything but that when you go out of the country for them. Medicine and medical devices are highly regulated in the United States, which is one of the reasons why costs are higher. There are also various types of insurance doctors have to cover and they answer to a board.

In Mexico, you’re mostly on your own. They don’t even have laws about hygiene and disinfecting the equipment. The contract is between you and the doctor and if there’s an issue and the doctor won’t budge, you’re generally out of luck. How the dentist decides to handle the situation is up to him or her.

Dental implants require a great deal of skill as well, and that has a major impact on how well they perform. Overall, they have about a 98% success rate, but doctors with more experience deliver better results.

It’s impossible to say whether the issue here was lack of skill, cheap parts being used, or just a “fluke” that can even happen to great doctors here in the U.S.. Sometimes Implant procedures fail even when everything was done perfectly.

An online search for the doctor she saw and the issue she had could be very telling, but be aware that these border practices change names a lot to escape poor reputations.

For the best results, find someone stateside who does affordable dental implants and has a good track record. You may find that some offer combinations of bridges or dentures  and implants or offer something like minis, but the key here should be quality. If need be, you may be able to purchase a supplemental insurance plan that could cover some of the procedure or find out if a local office offers some kind of payment plan option, to make it easier to budget for.

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Dental Insurance Isn’t Making Dental Implants Affordable

I was really surprised at how little my dental insurance was willing to pay for my dental implants. I honestly expected them to cover half.  It’s not even close. Is there any way to afford these implants?

Sienna – South Dakota


Dental Insurance rarely goes as far as people hope, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford dental implants.

The first thing I’d do is have your dental office run a pre-authorization. It may turn out that they’ll end up covering more than you think.

However, if what is left is still feeling out of your budget, I’d reach out to your dental office again. They likely have contingencies in place for such things. Most offices have payment plans. If they work through Care Credit, you can even dictate the terms of your payments.

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Affordable Dental Implants Doctor Ruined My Smile

I saw an ad for affordable dental implants and the doctor seemed to check out with my online searches. My lower two front teeth were loose and had been for some time. It seemed to me they weren’t going to get better and implants were my only viable option, if I wanted something to function like my real teeth. I went in and got an estimate from the affordable dental implants doctor and he priced out the surgery and placement of the posts/implants, the abutments, and the crowns for two teeth. He also suggested that I get extractions done right then and there, as well as something called “bone beads” to help me heal, which insurance did not cover. After six months of healing and no teeth, I went back for the surgery and he said he couldn’t do it without more procedures. He says I still don’t have enough bone and that I need gum treatments. I’m not sure what to do at this point, but I’m starting to wonder if I should have had those teeth removed at all and the cost seems to keep rising. I still have no teeth. My smile is ruined! How should I proceed?

-Joshua in North Carolina

Dear Joshua,

There are a couple of warning bells that go off when reading your message about affordable dental implants. First off, it sounds like the reason your teeth were loose was never addressed. This is a huge concern. If it was due to periodontal disease, you wouldn’t have been a candidate for implants. That would have needed to have been brought under control first and would explain the need for additional “gum treatments” now. The doctor should have discussed this with you from the start. There’s no telling if the teeth that were extracted could have been saved now that they’re gone, though the lack of information given to you is a huge concern.

Going forward, you probably do need other treatments before you can undergo the surgery and have your dental implants last. It’s a good idea to consult with another dentist before you do anything else, just to make sure you’re getting the right treatments. There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t have been offered some form of temporary replacement teeth. It’s typical for an office to offer to create a flipper or partial denture, to prevent the other teeth from drifting, help maintain adequate space, for aesthetics, and so you can eat easier. This is still an option now. Book a consultation with another dentist or perhaps even two, to see where you stand.

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Feeling guilty about seeing a different dentist for affordable dental implants.

I have been very interested in getting dental implants to replace my missing teeth. But I keep putting them off because I cannot afford them. So, I have been looking all over trying to find more affordable dental implants than what my current dentist offers. I recently came across an implant dentist in a surrounding suburb that works with people that have budget issues and offers relatively affordable dental implants. Am I cheating on my regular dentist? I feel so bad about it. I don’t want him to refuse to treat me when he finds out I had the implants done elsewhere.

-Gene in Ohio


You are in no way solely obligated to receive every dental treatment from your current dentist, just because you have been seeing him for routine care. That said, just be sure the dentist across town that is offering affordable dental implants isn’t cutting corners and offering a substandard product.

Dental implant fees vary from one practice to another. But theoretically, most implant dentists rates will be fairly comparable. So if there is a huge difference in fees, you need to dig a little deeper and find out more about it. Affordable dental implants mean different things to different dentists, as well as different things to different patients. For example, you may not be comparing apples to apples. Your dentist may be pricing traditional dental implants and the new dentist may be quoting mini implants. Or the dental implant brand and products may be a factor in the discretion. Be sure that the affordable implant dentist isn’t getting parts from overseas or choosing less quality materials. Parts can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Ultimately, dental implants need to be done by a dentist that you trust. That is hands down the most important factor. If you get a good deal and then the dental implants fall out, become loose or get infected, it will end up costing you much more in the long run.

So, don’t feel bad. Just proceed with extreme caution.

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