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Dentist Refused to Give My Downs Syndrome Daughter Dental Implants

I’m so frustrated right now. My daughter lost a couple of teeth due to decay. I did research to find the best implant dentist in our area. But, when we went to see him, he flat out refused to treat her, due to her “inability to care for her teeth”. She’s 23 years old and, yes, she has Down Syndrome. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for her teeth. She’s largely independent and even holds down a job. She still lives with us and I manage her medical needs to make sure she is seen to. I remind her to clean her teeth, and yes, she’s lost a couple, but doesn’t everyone who gets dental implants? I don’t understand how he can be so heartless. I don’t know if I should try to make an appeal to his softer side or if we should just keep searching until we find someone who can do it. Any suggestions on how to proceed are welcomed.

Thank you,

Sheila M. – Mississippi

Dear Sheila,

I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had. Even the “best implant dentists” likely have days where they’re insensitive in how they deal with patients. There are two possibilities here as to why he’s refusing to treat your daughter.

The first is likely the one you are offended by. He may be uncomfortable with your daughter’s Downs Syndrome. It may be he hasn’t had any patients in your daughter’s situation and isn’t familiar with whether or not care for her differs from his other patients.

The second is it has nothing to do with her Downs Syndrome and more to do with her oral health care. If he’s concerned that she doesn’t clean her teeth well enough it would explain his refusal to treat her. This means that if a dental implant is placed, it will quite likely fail, and that’s no small thing. When you consider all that’s involved; the surgeries, the waiting for it to heal, treatment costs, etc., it’s really unwise to perform treatment that’s almost guaranteed to fail.

Here are some options for you. You’re right that other people lose teeth and get dental implants. You mentioned your daughter lost her teeth to decay. It takes a long time to get from decay to the need for an extraction. This makes me wonder if your daughter is getting to the dentist enough. Especially if she’s predisposed to problems with her teeth. Some people are. It’s not a matter of not caring. It’s more the dental genes they were dealt. If you can get her to the dentist more often and show the dentist her hygiene won’t be a problem, he may change his mind.

Another option is to try for a different dentist who is equally skilled at placing dental implants. Call some of the dental implant organizations such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or the American Board of Oral Implantology to find out who are the most qualified implant dentists in your area.

If she’s truly not a good candidate for implants, you have other options. You could look into a removable partial denture or a dental bridge. These are very viable solutions for missing teeth.

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Dentist Lied About His Specialty

My dentist said he was a dental implant specialist. That gave me the confidence to move forward with this treatment. Previously, I’d been on the fence because it required surgery. When I heard he was a specialist I felt safe. Now I find out there’s no such thing as a dental implant specialist. Should I cancel the surgery?

Zahra E. – Oregon


You’re right. There is no such thing as a dental implant specialist. But, there’s no such thing as a specialty in cosmetic dentistry either, yet there are some dentists who’ve had so much training and are so artistic to boot that it is easy to call them a “Cosmetic Dentist” though in reality they are just general dentists.

The same can be true about your dentist and dental implants. There’s no ADA recognized specialty in the field, but it’s possible he’s had such extensive training and is skilled enough where he could be considered the best implant dentist in your area.

I wouldn’t cancel the surgery yet. Instead, have a talk with your dentist about your concerns. Ask him about his training. Ideally, there should be some post-graduate training in that field. Also ask him how many implant procedures he’s performed with succesful, permanent results.

If you’re not comfortable with his answers, then you can cancel.

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I Ticked Off the Best Implant Dentist. Is There a Way to Right Things?

I’m afraid I made a horrible mistake and ticked off the best implant dentist in my whole city. I’ve been trying to take a practical approach to my treatment and visited several offices for consultations. Overall, I need to replace four missing teeth, have at least two crowns done, and perhaps a root canal. I also needed four fillings, but those are done now. Due to the extensiveness of my situation, I really wanted to hear what all the options were and make sure I was getting the right thing for me.

It came down to two different doctors. Both have good reputations, but their recommendations were different. The first one wanted me to get four independent implants and the second one wanted to do three, with two of them supporting a bridge. There were other differences in their plans, but that was the biggest difference, and it made a difference in costs, too. I’m trying to be practical about this, and both options seemed good, so I decided to go with the less expensive doctor. Well, I scheduled with him to start on the fillings and it was a horrible experience. He was really rough on me and I’ve now been back three times for adjustments. Each time I go back, he tells me it’s all in my head, but he makes some changes anyway. The last time, he told me he was done making adjustments- that if I wasn’t happy, there was nothing more he could do.

I don’t feel comfortable with him anymore and I don’t trust him to treat me well or do a good job on the more important work. However, I’m really afraid that I’ve upset who I think is the best implant dentist now. He knows I went to the other guy and he’s going to see that I’ve had those fillings done, which, by the way, are still not right. What’s the best way to approach the first doctor and ask him to take me back?

Yasmine E. – San Antonio, TX

Dear Yasmine,

It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer with the second doctor and it’s good that you’ve chosen to work with a different practice. It’s especially good that you discovered this before your dental implant procedure. You really want the best implant dentist possible. If that procedure is botched it could cause serious problems.

The good news is, it’s highly doubtful the first doctor has any ill feelings toward you. This kind of thing happens all the time. It’s very difficult for patients to know what they’re getting into until they’ve worked with a doctor. He knows this. In fact, he’ll probably be flattered (or very proud, at the least), that you’ve chosen to come back to him after seeing someone else.

Let him know why you chose the other doctor over him. There’s no reason why this doctor couldn’t do the treatment with the bridge as well, though he could have mentioned it in passing and then only done up the estimate to show the top choice. Don’t feel anxious about calling the office and going back. They’ll probably welcome you with open arms.

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My Implant Dentist Said Most Overcharge

My dentist said that the reason dental implants are so expensive is that most dentists overcharge because they use expensive parts. The question came up because I mentioned I’m looking for the best dentist to give me dental implants. He mentioned those who advertise as the best usually do so because of their prices. He felt he could give me great service with less expensive parts. Is that a good option? How do you find the best dentist for dental implants? I don’t want to just look at prices. That seems much too subjective.

Helena S. – Cincinnati


Glad you asked this. Dental implants have a high success rate, but it is still a very advanced procedure which can lead to serious complications. Your desire to find the best implant dentist available to you is a wise one. I’m also glad to read you’re not basing that decision on price. There are some good “more affordable” dentists as well as some bad expensive dentists, and vice-versa.

When looking for an implant dentist, I’d focus on his (or her) training, as well as the amount of experience performing the procedure successfully. Ideally, you want someone who’s a fellow with either the American Board of Oral Implantology or The International Congress of Oral Implantologists. These dentists have reached a level of expertise far above most dentists. Additionally, they have a proven track record showing years of successful procedures.

Qualifications are much more important than price. In fact, the accusation your dentist made about expensive parts just isn’t true. The opposite can be, though. Some dentists intentionally purchase inferior parts in order to cut prices and draw in more patients. Faulty parts lead to infections and dental implant failure.

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Choosing An Implant Dentist

I keep hearing how important it is to choose the right implant dentist. The way some patients (and dentists) put it, if I pick the wrong one it could completely ruin my life. I do want to get dental implants. Dentures seem like a horrible solution. So, how do I go about finding the best type of implant dentist?

Lyza M. – San Francisco


It’s good that you’re doing your research. Though it may sound like an exaggeration, the importance of finding the best implant dentist you can is crucial. There are dental implant horror stories that would make Stephen King duck and cover.

There isn’t a dental implant specialty, so any general dentist can learn the procedure and call himself (or herself) an implant dentist. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re skilled. Because it is such an advanced procedure, that requires surgery, the patient is at risk with the wrong dentist.  So, is there a way to separate the achievers from the pretenders? Fortunately, yes.

You want a dentist who consistently furthers his training with continuing education. The implant dentistry field is changing all the time with new developments. You want to be sure whoever is doing your procedure works hard to keep up.

Don’t hesitate to ask to see photos of their work and ask how many procedure they’ve done, along with his success rate.

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Which Specialist Is Best For Dental Implants?

I’m more than a little bewildered here. I thought that there was only one kind of doctor, a specialist, who would perform the procedure and be the best implant dentist. Now I hear that a general dentist, a periodontist, or an oral surgeon can all be implant specialists. Is it better to choose one over the other? I’m trying to get a definitive answer before I schedule, and each office I call tells me that they’re superior for one reason or another.



Dear Phil,

This is a great question. Technically, there are only nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, and implant dentistry is not one of them. What this means is that any dentist can perform the procedure, provided he has adequate training.

The best implant dentist for you may be any one of the three doctors you spoke with, or a combination of two. Because they are done in stages, your regular dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon or a periodontist for the surgical portion, and then may finish the restoration in his office. On the other hand, any of them may see you through the entire process on his own.

If they all sound good to you and you’re unsure which one to choose, try asking them some of the following questions:

  • How many implant cases have you, personally, handled?
  • How many of these restorations have failed? (They tend to have a 98-99% success rate, so the doctors are likely to remember how many have had issues.)
  • How many continuing education courses, or hours have you logged, studying the procedure?
  • How long have you been performing this procedure?
  • How long have you been in practice?

These call all be helpful to know if you’re trying to determine the skill-level of the doctor. After all, it can be the largest deciding factor in whether your treatment is successful or not. You can also ask around to friends and family, to see if any of them have had the procedure done, and ask for a referral if it went well. Review sites, like Yelp, can also provide a wealth of information.

Look at Dr. Hylan’s credentials. That gives you some idea of what you’re looking for.

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How Do I Get My Dentist Nominated for Best Dentist

I have found the best dentist in the whole wide world and that is no overstatement. I have been to many dentists and have never had service like this one. Is there a way I can get him nominated for best dentist?


Dear Chelsey,


I’m so excited that you have found a great dentist. There’s no feeling in the world  like having a care giver you trust.  There isn’t a national best dentist database or anything. However, sometimes cities run a family favorites kind of vote for their local magazine. They’ll have best dentist, best doctor, best dance studio; things like that.

There are two really great things you can do for your dentist though.

First, go to the different review sites, such as Google or Yelp and write a fantastic review for them.  More and more people are relying on these sites when they need to find a new practitioner.

Second, write the dentist a note letting them know how you felt about your visit. I promise it will make his day and really give him a lift.

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Have Dental Anxiety: Need Help Finding the Best Implant Dentist

I haven’t always taken the best care of my teeth, but I’ve gotten much better over the years. I really hate going to the dental office and get terrible anxiety- not your average anxiety either. I pace in the waiting room, I can’t bear to sit in the chair and wait for the dentist, and I even sweat up a storm. Somehow, I made it through most of my reconstructive work, which included a deep cleaning, a couple of crowns, and some fillings. However, my avoidance of the dental office cost me two teeth- one towards the front and one all the way in back. I want to replace them, but I’m not sure how to go about looking for the best implant dentist for patients with anxiety. It seems to me that most doctors offer one service or the other, but not both together. Is there a trick to finding the best implant dentist for someone in my situation, or do I have to choose between someone who is either great with anxious patients or someone who is truly the best implant dentist?


Martin in Connecticut

Dear Martin,

Let’s start with the basics. There are only nine specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, and none of them relate to dental implants or treating anxious patients. This is actually a good thing, because it means that any general dentist can go through additional training, and become experts in either (or both!) types of treatment.

In terms of finding the best implant dentist, you’ll want to look for someone who has lots of experience, and who has a successful track record. Naturally, those who have the most training and practical experience will have a very high success rate- as high as 98-99%. You can also ask for before and after photos of their real patients, so you can see firsthand what their finished restorations look like. This way, you’re able to evaluate his cosmetic and mechanical skill levels.

It takes a special kind of doctor to treat anxious patients. Generally, if you see that an office provides “sedation dentistry” services, it’s a sign that the doctor is familiar with the psychology behind anxiety, and that he takes extra steps to set his patients at ease. You don’t necessarily have to take advantage of to it, but seeing “caters to cowards,” “gentle dentistry,” or “sleep dentistry” alongside his traditional services, should indicate that the doctor will go the extra mile to set the right atmosphere for you and will be understanding if you need time to settle in.

Before you book an appointment, have a look around the websites of prospective offices and look for the signs that he’s the best implant dentist around (experience, skills, photos) and also that he provides additional services for those who suffer from dental anxiety. Don’t hesitate to call and ask questions if you’re not sure, and take advantage of consultations to make sure that you mesh well with the doctor you choose.

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Do I need a CT scan to avoid dental implant failure?

Do I need a CT scan at my implant dentist in order for the procedure to be successful? I don’t like x-rays and feel like I have had too many done lately for various medical reasons.

Since I require a dental implant on my front tooth, I’m wondering if the CT scan is necessary or if this step can be avoided?

-Frank in Minnesota


CT scans are not required. That said, it would be wise to let your implant dentist do one. Here’s why. A CT scan can give the oral surgeon a complete picture of all the nerve endings, as well as the nasal and sinus cavity. There have been many cases on front tooth dental implants, where the implant impinges on the nasal cavity.

It is understandable your stance on x-rays, but a three-dimensional CT scan will set you up for the best chance of success with your dental implant. It also lets the doctor know if there is enough bone density available at the implant site, as well. All of these components lead the dentist to the proper dental implant placement for your unique case.

The most important factor in choosing an implant dentist is checking out their credentials and investigating their portfolio of cases similar to yours. You may not realize that implant dentistry is not a regulated field within dentistry. Therefore, any dentist can say they do implants without having the best track record. If you are looking for the best implant dentist in your area, consider finding one that has fellowship, diplomate status, or accreditation from either the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or the American Board of Oral Implantology. This doesn’t guarantee success, because no dentist can make that guarantee with dental implants. But it does a lot in validating their experience and skill level.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your question. The technology and tools available today with three-dimensional scanning go a long way in increasing the success of your procedure.

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“Best” Implant Dentist Failed to Match Shade: Now What?

I did a lot of research before I thought I’d found the best implant dentist in my city. I read reviews and looked at his prior cases, and even spoke to several doctors – each one claiming to be the best implant dentist. I felt confident throughout the procedures, and I genuinely believed he did a good job up until the final crown was placed. It didn’t match my other teeth at all in terms of color, and it stuck out like a sore thumb. I told him I wasn’t happy with it and he claimed that it was the lighting and that it would look better at home. It didn’t. I went back and he sent me to the lab to have the guy there get a shade, only when that one was put on, it was even darker. Now it really looks fake. What are my options? Can I have it lightened or put a porcelain veneer over the top, or is the only fix to have him replace it again?


Ellen in North Carolina

Dear Ellen,

Unfortunately, it sounds like the implant dentist you saw was not skilled at cosmetic work. Some are only focused on the physical and mechanical aspects of dentistry, and they think this qualifies them to be the best implant dentist. As you now know, there’s a lot more to it than that, and a certain degree of artistry is necessary. Moreover, it doesn’t sound like he listened to your concerns about aesthetics at all, which is something a cosmetic dentist would have absolutely honed in on.

The porcelain cannot be lightened and a porcelain veneer will not work. The only way to fix the color is to have it replaced again, though it’s doubtful you’ll have better luck with him if you go to him a third time on this. You’ll need to find someone who specializes in cosmetic work. Hopefully the original office will consider refunding the fees you paid towards the crown, but you may have to cut your losses on this if you want it done right. Best of luck to you.

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