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Not happy with treatment for missing tooth

I recently got a Snap-on smile and I must say that I am not happy with the result. I am missing one of my canines and my dentist told me to go with the Snap-on smile. I think it looks very fake and bulky. I am really disappointed. From what I can tell it is non-refundable which out of principle I feel like I should wear it even though it looks fake. Do you think I should have my dentist try again with a new mold? I’m embarrassed of this tooth gap and really want to feel good about my smile.

– Carolyn in Oregon


Unfortunately your situation may be a good example of the fact that most dentists aren’t artistic. Simply put, they are trained to fix things. If you think your dentist will try to fix it, than it may be worth working with them to see if it can be improved. But you are correct in not expecting to be refunded.

A true cosmetic dentist is wired a bit differently than your average dentist. They have undergone additional training beyond dental school and are very passionate about making their patients feel completely satisfied with the way their smile looks. An excellent cosmetic dentist will be able to help you.

Although, if it’s the missing tooth that is the primary issue then there are other treatments that could do a lot more for your smile and self-concept. When you are missing one tooth or if you are missing several teeth, a partial flipper may be the way to go. This appliance snaps into place and replaces your missing tooth with a plastic tooth while your other teeth remain unaffected. There is nothing that covers them up. In some cases, a dentist may let you try the flipper out free of charge. Other options that may work for you are a dental implant or a dental bridge.

I hope you find something that gives you the smile you deserve and I hope this information was helpful.

Best of luck.

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A Candidate for a Snap-On Smile

Would you be able to give the lowest cost cosmetic dentistry available? I’ve had to go to free help wherever I can, because of being unemployed. I never thought finances would keep me from being happy, or smiling… but I just don’t have it. I hate my teeth when I look in the mirror. I don’t have insurance. What can I do?
– Donna from Texas

Don’t, please don’t look for the cheapest cosmetic dentistry available. You don’t want that. I can just see you getting this work done and then e-mailing me back in tears wondering how you can undo this work because it looks ugly.

You’d be a great candidate for a Snap-On Smile. This is the very least expensive way to get a new smile. It only lasts about four years, but you could get it to last longer if you only used it when you were out in public.

It’s a simple procedure. The cosmetic dentist takes an impression of your teeth, and then the laboratory makes you a new smile out of a hardened acetyl resin. When you get it back from the lab, you literally snap it into place over your existing teeth. It gives you a beautiful, white smile.

The cost is going to be about $1000 for a full arch of teeth, which is about one-tenth of what porcelain veneers or Lumineers would cost. It would be about half that for just the six front teeth.