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Concerned about the cost of dental implants.

I have done my research and understand that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. I have heard about facial collapse and really don’t want my dad to have to deal with that debilitating condition. But I just don’t know how we will afford implants? I’m seeing information that mini implants are more affordable. How much more affordable are they really?

– Roy in Illinois


You are correct that dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth for many reasons. They function just like normal teeth, they look and feel the same, and as you mentioned they prevent bone loss around each implant site. Implants truly offer the best quality of life and in the long run are more economical than some of the cheaper alternatives, like dentures.

Your concern about the cost of dental implants is understandable. As for mini implants, you are also correct in that they are less expensive than standard dental implants. In fact, once it’s all said and done, mini implants are a more affordable dental implants because they are about half the cost of standard implants. This is mainly due to the fact that they are much smaller in diameter than traditional implants which means the surgery to replace them is much less invasive, and the healing time is much faster. All of these factors contribute to the lower cost.

That said, be sure to discuss mini implants with your dentist to make sure he or she is comfortable with placing them. Not every dentist believes in their long term strength overtime. And you never want to move forward with any type of treatment that your dentist isn’t fully supportive of. But every case is different and mini implants are a less expensive alternative. They are not strong enough to support a single tooth restoration, but they can be used to stabilize a denture, etc. Discuss the options regarding your dad’s personal situation and be honest about your cost concern. Sometimes limiting the number of implants placed can save a lot of money and still provide an effective solution.

Good luck!

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