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Is low price a red flag with dental implants?

I have been on the search for dental implants that I can actually afford. I understand that they are expensive for a reason. So I’m not looking to cut corners and end up with a bunch of problems. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of dental implant horror stories in my research. I’m just looking for the best, most affordable fees for quality implants. I just received a cost estimate from a local implant dentist that is coming in at about half of what other dentists in my area have offered. Is this a red flag? This new dentist has said the other dentists in our area are over-priced. I’m not sure what to do?

-Leslie in Oregon


Something isn’t adding up and it sounds like you are skeptical for a reason. Dental implants are expensive. There are multiple phases, appointments, and doctors involved. An implant dentist requires extensive training to be successful. It sounds like quality is important to you. So, you need to be very careful when price shopping for cheap dental implants. Some dentists will not only cut corners, but will obtain cheap components from third world countries to keep costs down. Implant dentistry is all about trust. Shift your mindset to researching a dentist’s credentials, experience, and cases he or she has done that are similar to yours. If you end up going with the lesser expensive treatment, you may end up paying for it in the long run and they will end up more expensive.

Skill and experience level, as well as the staff involved with the procedure also come into play with the final fees. So when a dentist comes in at half price, something is fishy.

Are you sure you’re comparing apples to apples? Is it possible the new dentist’s estimate was for mini implants? You could also inquire about the billing codes that were used to come up with the fees. Then you will have a direct comparison to your other quotes. If the codes differ, they are not offering the same treatments. Obtaining the codes may also help you to determine if the products and components are from a reputable, FDA-compliant company in the US or if they are from overseas.

You are smart to be doing this research upfront.

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Why does my dentist insist on implants if insurance doesn’t cover them?

I have two teeth that need extracted, and my dentist is insistent about placing dental implants. The problem is my insurance does not cover them. I asked about alternative treatments, but my dentist truly feels implant placement would be best to preserve the bone. Why would my dentist recommend work that isn’t covered?

– Jerod in Florida


Though I’m sure your dentist hears and understands your concerns, it is probably likely your dentist is just really adamant about doing the best treatment for you; not what your insurance dictates. Though dental implants are the standard of care, I’m sure if a dental bridge or other treatment is doable your dentist would recommend so in your available options. Many offices try to offer other affordable dental implants options like mini implants. Although, you may not be a candidate for that.

Even if your dental insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s not out of the realm of a possibility that it won’t be covered by your medical insurance (not likely, but worth a call depending on the necessity of the implant). Other than that, your dentist office is likely to have a number of long-term and short term payment plans to help make your treat more affordable. Likely overall, dental implants are your best bet, but if you insist on having the lowest possible fee for your teeth replacement insist that your dentist do a bridge.

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Cheapest dental implants possible, please!

Okay, so I get it that dental implants are better than dentures. My mom really needs them badly. I want the best for my mom, but we cannot afford the hefty price tag. Can you tell me how to find the cheapest dental implants possible?

– George in Indiana


Cheapest isn’t always better and that holds true for implants. Dental implants costs are wide-ranging and it is strongly recommended that you do NOT price shop when it comes to replacing missing teeth. This is because implant dentistry is not a recognized specialty within dentistry. This means that any dentist can claim to do dental implants. Anyone who has done some initial research has seen that implants are indeed expensive, so there are countless dentists out there that will cut corners. They offer cheap dental implants to get patients in. But in the long run, if your dental implant fails, become loose or infected, or falls out – your mom will have to pay much more in the long run. So instead of price shopping, find the RIGHT dentist. One that has a proven track record of successful dental implant placement. Then, discuss your budget concerns. You may be surprised at how many different payment options or financing options are available.

Mini implants are a more affordable option. They are much smaller in diameter that standard dental implants, so the surgery to place them is much simpler. This ultimately influences the final cost. Although, they are not as strong as standard implants. So there are many factors involved when deciding if mini implants will work, the age of the individual, how much bone density is available, etc. So again, select a trusted implant dentist and then discuss your options in an open and honest matter.

Again, be careful when comparing prices. You don’t want your mom to be the next dental implant malpractice suit.

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Cost of dental implants

Can you give me an idea of the total cost of dental implant treatment?

– Sheila in Nevada


With modern dentistry, the prospect of a missing tooth doesn’t have to be so scary. Such procedures as bridges, dentures, and dental implants all replace missing teeth. Dental Implants, however, are a more permanent solution providing natural looking, full functioning tooth replacement. With their advantages, also comes a hefty cost. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3000-$6000 per tooth from start to finish. Of course the price will fluctuate depending on your geographical locale.

There are three essential components to restoring a tooth with an implant. The surgical placement of an implant, the placement of the connection between the implant and crown (abutment), and the placement of the final crown all contribute to the total dental implants cost. The length of treatment can vary from 6-12 months depending if it’s a traditional implant placement or if bone needs to be build up first with grafting. With this level of involvement, the amount of materials used, and quality of the end result the price tag is understandable. Other factors that may influence the cost would be the expertise of the clinician and the brand of implants used. Also, using a higher end lab and materials to do the job is usually reflected in a higher fee.

Being that this procedure takes the better part of a year to complete may work in your (financial) benefit. This may allow you to space out finances and alleviate the burden of the cost all at once. Implants are rarely covered by insurance, especially if there is a cheaper alternative. Though there may be less expensive alternatives, dental implants outlast other tooth replacing procedures, proving to be much more cost-effective over time.

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