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Dentist Insists I Get Dentures. There Must Be Other Options.

I’m barely 30 years old and a dentist is practically insisting I remove all my teeth and get dentures. I went in for a single toothache. I was expecting to have a cavity or something; instead, he told me all my teeth were horrible and I needed to remove them all and get dentures. He pressured me to do it right then and there, but I couldn’t face dentures at my age. I don’t want to look like my grandmother. I only let him remove the one tooth, but I’m supposed to go back next week for the rest of them. I’ve been crying since I got home. There has to be another option.

Amelia – Georgia


This definitely warrants a second opinion. I don’t like the pressure tactics this dentist is using. Sometimes dentures are the only option. But at such a young age as yours, it would be an absolute last resort. The first thing I would do is go to a different dentist to see which teeth can be saved and which can’t. I doubt it’s as bad as your dentist said or you’d have felt more pain than just on one tooth.

Many times a root canal treatment or a dental crown will take care of extensive decay or a tooth infection while helping you retain as much healthy tooth structure as possible. You really only want to remove teeth that can’t be saved.

Your best option for replacing those teeth is to get dental implants. These have the advantage of being anchored to your jawbone. Not only does that give you a stable prosthetic tooth, but it protects you from losing the minerals in your jawbone, which gives the “grandma” look you were worried about.

Find a dentist who is willing to work to save your teeth as his or her top priority. They’re also under an ethical obligation to discuss all your treatment options.

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Can This Gorgeous Granny Get Dental Implants?

I’ve always been called the gorgeous granny in my neighborhood, but lately I’ve felt anything but. I have dentures. Several years ago, I had them re-done in order to update my smile. They’re still pretty, but lately they’ve not fit well and my face has started looking what I can only describe as reduced or sckwunched. I’ve been told dental implants can fix that. Am I too old? I’d really like to feel like the gorgeous granny again?

Eva M. – Chicago


I love your title. I can only hope other women have your confidence as they get through life. What you’re experiencing is quite common. It’s called facial collapse. When your teeth are removed, your body recognizes the roots are gone and interprets that you no longer need that jawbone to retain the roots. Because of that, it redistributes the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere throughout your body. As far as running a body goes, it’s remarkably efficient. As far as an attractive jawline, not so much. Unfortunately, it will only get worse unless you take some major steps now.

It’s not too late for you to get dental implants, however, you’ll need to take some preliminary measures first. You’ve had dentures a long time, so it’s likely you don’t have enough jawbone left to retain the dental implants. It doesn’t mean you can’t get them, but you will need some bone grafting done first. Once you’ve built back up your jawbone, you can have them implants placed.

There are many advantages to implants, but a fantastic one is you’ll never have to worry about facial collapse again. Your body interprets the implant as a tooth root and keeps the minerals for your jawbone in place.

Because you’re the gorgeous granny, make sure whoever does your dental implants is also a skilled cosmetic dentist. Look at some of their before and after results for porcelain veneers and all-porcelain crowns. If you think those are gorgeous, they can likely give you a beautiful implant crown.

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Where Should I Get All My Teeth Removed?

I’m so tired of dealing with teeth that constantly humiliate me. I’m avoiding social situations. I don’t relish going to the dentists. In fact, my fear has kept me away for years. What I need to do is remove my teeth and just get dentures, so I won’t be embarrassed to smile. I just don’t know whether that’s a dentist or surgeon thing.

Blake F. – Texas


Don’t feel too bad about your dental fear. A lot of people share the same fear. Before you jump right to dentures, I’d love to see if your natural teeth can be saved. They’re so much better for you than dentures, which can be a huge hassle in themselves. I realize your dental fear is an issue and I promise I’m not ignoring that. In fact, I’m going to suggest you go to a dentist who does sedation dentistry. This will enable you to have completely pain-free dentistry, even with the current poor state of your teeth.

If your teeth can be saved, fantastic. In case they can’t, I’ll answer your question. A dentist is perfectly able to do your tooth extractions as well as create your dentures. Make sure the dentist you go to is able to do the pre-denture surgery. It’s not complicated. If they do, they’ll be well qualified to do your dentures.

Before you make a final decision, though, I’d like you to look into dental implants as well. Dentures do not replace the roots of your teeth, which means you’ll start losing your jawbone. Eventually, your dentures won’t have any means to stay in your mouth. Implants, on the other hand, place prosthetic roots in your jawbone. That means you’ll have a more stable tooth replacement. In fact, it’s like having natural, healthy teeth in your mouth.

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What Does It Mean If Your Dentures Always Fall Out?

What does it mean if your dentures won’t stay in?

Bill A. – Montana


It really depends on a couple of things. Are you talking about dentures that you’ve had for a while or new dentures that aren’t fitting quite right?

If they’re dentures you’ve had for a while you’re likely dealing with what’s known as facial collapse. When your teeth are first removed, your body, being quite efficient, begins reabsorbing the minerals from your jawbone to use elsewhere throughout your body. Dentures, while giving you new teeth, do not replace your tooth roots so your jawbone will slowly shrink from mineral resorption. After so many years, there’s not enough bone structure for your dentures to stay in properly.

Unfortunately, the only thing that can be done is to get bone grafted back in. From there, you can get dentures again, though you will eventually have the same problem. Or, you can get dental implants. These are more expensive, but provide replacement roots as well as teeth. You will not continue to lose bone structure.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about new dentures, then the problem is how your dentist made them. They can be remade to fit properly. Honestly, this would be the easiest of the two scenarios.

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Why Did My Bone Grafting Not Work?

I decided to get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. I felt my family dentist would be adequate for the job. He’s performed over fifty successful procedures. He did tell me ahead of time I needed to have bone grafting done because there wasn’t enough healthy bone to support the implant. He’s always showed himself to be a man of integrity. I felt safe. Well, after doing my bone grafting, he went in to do the implant procedure and decided the bone was still too thin. He told me it wouldn’t be safe to follow through with the implant and I should get a dental bridge instead. Really?! After having the bone grafting done, I still am not getting my implant. He gave me my money back, but I still feel cheated. Would this have happened with a dental implant specialist?

Margaret S. – New Hampshire


The short answer is no, this likely wouldn’t have happened with an expert on dental implants. While technically, there isn’t such a thing as a dental implant specialists, some dentists invest a large amount of time into training, so they’re essentially experts. They would have done the bone grafting properly.

However, You’re being a tad hard on your dentist. He’s obviously done this procedure successfully many times. It sounds like bone grafting was new to him, but he’s working toward building up the skills necessary to help all his patients. Learning starts somewhere and there are many failures before successes.

He also had the integrity to let you know he didn’t do the grafting successfully. A less honest dentist would have just placed the implant anyway, knowing it would eventually fail and you’d have to start over. Your dentist not only told you not to go through with it, but gave you your money back on work that he did with a good faith effort. He won’t get his lab or surgical fees back from the hospital. He took a loss.

A dental bridge is an equally viable solution to a situation such as yours.

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Clear Choice Never Told Me They Could Fail

Clear Choice cost me about $63,000. They spent a lot of time telling me how they’re saving me money because I won’t need bone grafting. I’d only had my teeth out for a few months when I went to see them and I knew I was tired of the dentures. I didn’t want to wait on bone grafting too before I received teeth again. Now, I”m just a year into the procedure and one of the implants had a problem. Instead of fixing that one, they’re telling me the entire unit has to be replaced. They never told me that was even a possibility.

Because I had to start over I decided to see about other dental implant options. I will also admit I was feeling a little salty about them not warning me that losing one implant meant losing all. I didn’t want to give them more money. I’m so glad I did.

Clear Choice originally convinced me I was saving a ton of money by not needing bone grafting. It turns out I didn’t need any bone grafting to begin with. But, now that I’ve done the all-on-4 procedure, I will. I’ve been shafted…twice.

My advice—always check out all your options before making a decision.

Georgia P. – South Carolina

Will Medical Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

I’ve been struggling with periodontal disease and some other issues. I got dentures, but they make me gag. Dental implants are out of my budget. Is there a chance my medical insurance would pay for it because not having teeth is bad for my health?

Tilley L. – Montana


Dental Implants are an excellent procedure for replacing your teeth. But, as you’ve discovered, they are expensive. Unfortunately, medical insurance always has a clause in it that they won’t cover any dental procedures.

There are so many benefits to dental implants, but one I seem to forget to mention you brought up. Gagging. Those with a strong gag reflex find it quite helpful to not have all the additional implements in their mouth that come with dentures. Implants are like having your natural teeth, so there’s nothing to gag on.

However, even with all their benefits, you won’t be a good candidate for implants until you have your gum disease under control. You’ll lose the implants just like you’re losing your teeth. Your best bet is to save up for dental implants while you get your gums healthy. In the meantime, you’ll need to continue with the dentures.

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Are Jamie Foxx’s Teeth Dental Implants?

I’m losing two teeth. I’m trying to decide how to replace them. I keep hearing dental implants are the way to go, but they’re really expensive. Someone told me that Jamie Foxx’s teeth are dental implants. His teeth look great. If mine can look that great, I don’t think I’d mind the expense. Is that true?

Cynthia K. – Oregan


I did some research after getting your question. I already knew how to respond regarding your options, but wasn’t sure about Mr. Foxx. It’s apparent from the photo below that his teeth change. From what I’ve read, he goes above and beyond for roles. In fact, part of what I read says that he had a tooth chiseled out for his role in the “soloist”.

As you can see, his teeth change a lot. That makes it obvious some dental work has been done. He’s even admitted as such saying he has some porcelain in his mouth. However, that can be anything from porcelain crowns to dental implants.

So, I’ll answer your question in two parts. 1. Mr. Foxx has had some dental work done, but I’m not sure which procedures. 2. Dental implants are by far your best option, if you’re a good candidate. As to whether they’ll look as good as Jamie Foxx’s teeth, that depends on the skill of the dentist you acquire. Ask to see before and after photos of the work he or she has done.

These are the most like having natural, healthy teeth as you can get. You’ll be able to eat and drink normally, as well as brush and floss without limitations.

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Are Dental Implants the Only way to Get Pretty Teeth?

I went to a consultation for replacing my teeth. I asked for prices first. It was obvious from that my only option was dentures. I wasn’t thrilled, but I learned long ago not to get too upset about things which can’t be changed. However, it was quite an additional blow when he told me there is no way to get dentures to look natural. He told me that if I wanted natural looking teeth it had to be dental implants. I truly can’t afford implants. Is there anything kind of in between the two? Maybe it won’t look as good as dental implants, but won’t look as bad as dentures?

Ashley S. – Ohio


I don’t say this often, but I want you to get as far away from this dentist as possible. I don’t want to discourage you or make you feel like you can’t trust your healthcare providers in general. However, this dentist isn’t honest. He’s lying to pressure you into the more expensive treatment. I HATE that. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why implants are superior to dentures. He doesn’t need to make something up. Plus, it’s unfair to guilt someone into something they can’t afford.

If the dentist is skilled, dentures can look not just natural, but gorgeous. If your dentist says otherwise it’s more a commentary on his ability.

The stronger reasons to get implants is to protect your jawbone. If you can’t afford implants, that’s understandable. See if snap-on dentures are within your budget. It will give you some of the benefits of the ideal procedure without the huge price tag. If not, dentures are perfectly acceptable teeth replacement option.

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Can I Get Braces with Dental Implants?

I’m a bit frustrated with my dentist. We were talking about why I needed to have my pre-molars removed. He said my tooth spacing likely had a lot to do with it. I have crowding in the back and spaces in the front. Then he mentioned braces would have helped. He tells me this now…after I’ve had the teeth removed and replaced with dental implants. Is it too late? Can I remove the implants and fix my teeth?

Cynthia – Denver, CO


While you could have the dental implants removed, I wouldn’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary. The implants, if done properly, will have integrated with the surrounding bone. This is important because it keeps the implants in place. If you remove them, you’ll have to start over. But, you won’t be able to just do the procedure over again. You’ll need to have bone grafting done to build up the bone structure. Then you can start over.

There’s a chance braces are possible even with the implants in place. Given the lack of foresight and communication from your dentist, I’d work with someone else for this. Talk to several orthodontists in the area. See if they think it’s possible with the implants.

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