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Clear Choice Never Told Me They Could Fail

Clear Choice cost me about $63,000. They spent a lot of time telling me how they’re saving me money because I won’t need bone grafting. I’d only had my teeth out for a few months when I went to see them and I knew I was tired of the dentures. I didn’t want to wait on bone grafting too before I received teeth again. Now, I”m just a year into the procedure and one of the implants had a problem. Instead of fixing that one, they’re telling me the entire unit has to be replaced. They never told me that was even a possibility.

Because I had to start over I decided to see about other dental implant options. I will also admit I was feeling a little salty about them not warning me that losing one implant meant losing all. I didn’t want to give them more money. I’m so glad I did.

Clear Choice originally convinced me I was saving a ton of money by not needing bone grafting. It turns out I didn’t need any bone grafting to begin with. But, now that I’ve done the all-on-4 procedure, I will. I’ve been shafted…twice.

My advice—always check out all your options before making a decision.

Georgia P. – South Carolina

Clear Choice was Pushy and Immovable

I went for a consultation to Clear Choice after several months of trying to get my dentures tolerable. They quoted me $59,000. That’s a lot of money and I could get traditional dental implants for less than that. When I told them that they insisted I wasn’t factoring in bone grafting. That’s true, but only because I don’t need bone grafting. My existing bone structure is fine.

During their sales pitch, it became increasingly clear that dental implants were a better option for me than Clear Choice’s all-on-four procedure. I mentioned that but they weren’t willing to let me off the hook. They kept hammering away at me. I said if they’d consider coming down on the price, we might talk, but they were steadfast about that huge priced tag.

At one point, I just said I needed to go. As I stood up, they implied I was intentionally not caring about my teeth and tried to waste their time. That was it. I’ll never go back.

How to Spot the Difference Between Fake and Genuine Clear Choice Reviews

I’ve been trying to compare a bunch of Clear Choice reviews and testimonials from other local offices. I’m looking to be free of my upper denture after having it for about five years and I’m pretty sure I want to go the route of an implant-supported denture for stability and comfort. The next step comes in with trying to find the right dentist to do it and getting some estimates, but I’d rather not waste anybody’s time by going someplace that isn’t going to provide good care. I don’t know anyone who has had this procedure done, so I can’t get referrals from anyone, which means I’m more or less at the mercy of the net. The problem is, as I look over all these Clear Choice reviews, they’re all over the place. I can’t help but wonder if some of them are trumped up or fake. I know this happens on places like Amazon, but I don’t know if it has made its way into things like dentistry. Are there any things I can look for that may help me determine if something is valid?

Thank you,
Erin – Illinois

Dear Erin,

The reality is that Clear Choice reviews are going to be all over the place. Some people have good experiences, but when it goes bad, it goes really, really bad. This seems to be more because of their model than anything else. They do one main type of treatment and push it hard. Their sales techniques and cookie cutter methodology obviously can’t work for everyone.

Be sure to look at all dental implant and implant supported options. Don’t limit yourself to Clear Choice.

As far as spotting fake Clear Choice reviews (or any others for that matter), it’s really hard for people to tell. There are some computer programs that swear they can do it, but even those aren’t great. However, you may be able to identify them by looking out for the following:

1) Focus on people, not actions, or lots of generalizations. For example, if someone just keeps saying “I liked the dentist” repeatedly, it’s a red flag. Real testimonials tend to focus on the procedures performed and how they went. The person writing can tell you exactly what was good or bad, not just say “The dentist did a good job with my implant.”

2) We wary of large amounts of technical language. Testimonials that include things like the clinical names of teeth (bicuspid, first molar, etc.), those that use medical language to describe parts of the mouth (anterior, posterior, mesial, distal), or ones that sound like the info is coming from a manual (35% tooth whitening gel, fine polishing disc, etc.) Some patients are well informed and that’s great, but real patients don’t usually distinguish between different types of similar materials/ equipment and almost never use dental terminology to describe landmarks in their mouth. Use your own judgment with these.

3. No other reviews. If you’re on a platform where it’s common to have reviews of all sorts, like Yelp, be wary of the ones who never rate anything else or those who only give 5-star ratings to everyone.

4. Improbable or overexcited claims. For example, “THIS DENTIST IS AWESOME!!!” or “One visit with this dentist and all my dental problems were fixed.”

While there’s no fail-safe method for detecting fibs, these tips can help sort out the suspicious reviews.

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Clear Choice’s Lack of Diversity Makes Me Uncomfortable

I had a Clear Choice consultation this week. I knew about their pressure tactics going into the meeting, so I was well prepared to hold them off. Why they’d want someone to sign and then and there is beyond me. This is an important medical decision that requires consideration. One thing I didn’t realize until I had the consult is that they seem to only do one procedure. It seems a little unlikely that everyone miraculously has the exact same problem when they go to Clear Choice. Do they only do the one procedure? If so, why?

Joe T. R. – Virginia


I completely agree. When you’re making a big decision like replacing several teeth at once, you should always talk to more than one dentist. It’s life changing and a costly procedure, so it only makes sense to gather lots information from various sources before you begin.

As far as the Clear Choice reviews go, the company as a whole really is known for doing one thing and one thing only (aside from pressuring people to sign the contract).

Some might call them specialists, but others might point out that doing the same thing over and over again could indicate that they’re not treating people like individuals with unique needs. Cookie cutter practices or assembly line dentistry doesn’t do anyone any good, except for the people who practice that way. After all, what’s right for you may not be right for the person down the street. When you pair it with strong arm tactics to get you to commit to it right there and then, alarm bells would sound with most thoughtful people.

If you have a consultation with one or two more offices and they all suggest the same thing, then it probably is the best option for you. However, you should be looking for someone who listens to your particular cases needs, then gives you all your options, so you can make an informed decision on your treatment. Clear Choice reviews are all over the place in terms of patient satisfaction and the same procedure is performed nearly every single time. With all that practice on the same procedure, there reviews should be more consistent. That should set off alarm bells all its own.

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Pre-paid Reading Clear Choice Reviews – Now What?

I did my homework and read a ton of Clear Choice reviews before going in to see them. Everything seemed to be on the up and up. So many of the reviews were positive. I saw a few bad ones, but no company always comes up aces, right? So, I go in and have my consultation, pretty much knowing that they’re going to ask me for a deposit to hold my spot because I had read all those Clear Choice reviews. I had financing lined up and felt good about it beforehand. I fully expected to go through with everything with them. But, then my sister suggested I go and see her dentist, just for a second opinion before I go through with anything. I ended up really liking what he had to say and decided to go with him instead. I called the other place and they told me they’d refund my deposit. I got the payment back and it’s $1,000 short. I have called a bunch of times and get no response. Now I’m looking online and I hear this is common- that the company really keeps the money. I can’t afford to go forward with treatment unless I get the full refund. What options do I have?



Dear Meryl,

It’s always important to get a second opinion. Many patients find the dental implant options a dentist offers is superior to what they can get with Clear Choice.

There are a lot of Clear Choice reviews that talk about what you’re mentioning now. The company doesn’t seem to have any kind of policy publicly listed, so you’ll have to look at the documents you signed while you were there. If you signed something that said there was a $1,000 non-refundable deposit, it may well be difficult to get them to give that money back to you.

You may want to try to work your way up the chain and look for the number of an office manager or just visit the location where you had your appointment. Each location is independently owned and operated, so they have a lot of leeway in how they operate and the corporate office may not be of much use to you.

If these tactics fail, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Again, though, if you signed an agreement saying you knew that the money was non-refundable, the BBB is probably going to side with them. They don’t have any ability to force a refund, but sometimes pressure from an outside source can encourage companies to do the right thing. Since you say that other testimonials mention this, it’s pretty clear that they don’t respond to negative reviews, either, but it wouldn’t hurt to warn potential future customers as well.

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Why I Backed Out Of Clear Choice

I saw this commercial for teeth in a day and decided to go see what Clear Choice had to offer. I had in mind what I already needed. I have a few teeth that need implants and a bridge that needs replacing. My front teeth are perfectly healthy, though I’m considering whitening them. When I get there, they have a very slick presentation that impressed me. Unfortunately, when I moved to the one on one presentation I wasn’t too thrilled. They actually wanted me to extract all my teeth, even the healthy ones and then do their all-on-four procedure. I walked out. Why extract healthy teeth? Do you think I made the right decision?

Sherry D. – Michigan


I absolutely think you made the right decision. Like you said, why in the world would you extract perfectly happy teeth? Often I hear this about Clear Choice. They push this one procedure, which requires you to lose teeth that were fine. No thank you.

Bottom line, don’t get pushed into something you don’t need, no matter how slick the presentation.

You’ll be much better off just getting implants where you need them and replacing your bridge. You’ll find the implants are just like having your own natural teeth back. You can eat, drink, brush, and floss normally.

You mentioned the possibility of whitening your teeth. If that’s something you’re seriously considering, make sure you do it BEFORE you get your implants or replace your bridge. This way the dentist can match your replacement teeth with your bright new smile from the whitening.

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Were We Discriminated Against Based On Appearance at Clear Choice?

We went to a Clear Choice for a scan. They had us fill out paperwork, including financial. We waited for a while. Eventually a woman came out and said we didn’t need this procedure and it’s really expensive. We hadn’t even had an examination. How could they determine what we didn’t need?  I think we were discriminated against. We came straight from work and were a little worse for wear. We work blue collar jobs, so our clothes were pretty dirty.

August M. – Ohio


My guess is that your credit was denied. It’s possible they decided, based on your appearance, they didn’t feel you could afford the services without the credit. However, I’m surprised they didn’t at least talk to you about the situation. It’s certainly not professional behavior.

Whenever you are turned down for credit you applied for, you are legally entitled to receive a credit report explaining the reasons for denial. I would ask Clear Choice to send you a letter indicating that you were turned down. You should be able to use that to get a free copy of your credit report.

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Why is there a Disparity in Clear Choice Reviews?

I’ve been reading Clear Choice reviews and I’m not sure what to make of them. I’m hoping to get a little advice. I’ve had a bridge on my lower left side for 40 years—if that tells you anything about my age. Ha! It was replaced once about 20 years ago and has served me well, but at my last check up the doc told me it was done for. One of the teeth holding it up has decay and it can’t be saved. The doc gave me a list of options. He was really pushing for one or two dental implants to replace the teeth or redo the bridge, but he also said I could go with a partial denture—yuck! I’m not that old yet! Or, he can make a really long bridge, but he’s not really crazy about the idea or sure about how long it will last. In my research, I came across some Clear Choice reviews. Some people seem really happy with what they had done and other people experienced nightmares. Shouldn’t it be consistent with the same outfit? Any idea why there’s a disparity? I was considering having a consult with them just so I can say I was diligent, but I’ll steer clear if there’s something happening there.

Many Thanks,

Gloria in Minnesota

Dear Gloria,

Clear Choice reviews are a mixed bag because the experiences people have are not consistent. When they do well, people are naturally satisfied, but when they don’t do well, it can wreak havoc on someone’s whole life.

The biggest problem people seem to have is that they handle dental care in a standardized fashion, almost like an assembly line. It’s tough to get quality results if people aren’t treated like the unique individuals they are. Your teeth are one-of-a-kind, just like your fingerprints, so your treatment should be chosen based on what’s best for you.

If you’re simply trying to be diligent, you may have a better experience if you seek out an individual practitioner, rather than a chain. Naturally, you’ll want to check out the doctor’s reputation before scheduling as well. However, it sounds like you have a good relationship with your current dentist and that you trust him. If this is the case, there’s probably no need to get a second opinion. You’re already in an office that treats you well and that will see you through, even after the dental implants procedure is done. That’s something certain chain offices can’t touch.

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Do People Get Paid to Write Clear Choice Reviews?

I need to have a couple of dental implants done, and I’ve had a couple of consultations with a general dentist and an implant specialist. I keep eyeing the Clear Choice reviews, because their ads look so great. But, when I read what others are saying online about them, they’re all either five-star or one-star ratings. There seems to be no middle ground with the company. At first I assumed that the people who were rating the company poorly had high standards, or they didn’t have a firm understanding of dentistry. The more I look at it though, I have to wonder if the company is seeding their ratings with paid ones. There was a huge ordeal with other companies doing the same on Amazon recently, and the behavior of the positive reviewers seems to be fitting of someone who was compensated. I’d hate to pass up on receiving top-tier treatment if they’re legit, but if they aren’t… Has there been anything mentioned about whether Clear Choice reviews are legit?


Trevor in Illinois

Dear Trevor,

Yes, Amazon was recently caught up in a fake ratings scandal, though it wasn’t actually Amazon, the company. A third-party company, hired by independent sellers on the website,has been sued for fraudulent activity. At this time, however, there have not been any fraudulent Clear Choice reviews brought to light, so one would hope that the company has not stooped to that level.

With that said, the company has a reputation for providing one-size-fits-all dentistry. When it works, it’s fantastic. When it doesn’t, patients feel duped, misled, and they often wish they’d never heard of the place. A quick look at the current comments on sites like Yelp indicate that pushy sales tactics and difficulty obtaining refunds is also a large problem. In other words, it’s impossible to guarantee what your outcome will be if you choose to have your work done by one of their doctors, and it sounds like you’ll have a difficult time getting them to correct any issues if you’re unhappy.

If you feel good about one of the dental implant doctors you have already seen, it’s best to stick with someone you know and trust. If you’re still unsure about who you want to perform your work, by all means have a consultation, but leave your wallet at home and hold off on signing anything at the first visit.

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Can I just get dental implants instead of braces?

I have some crowding on one side of my mouth and the last thing I want to do is be a brace face. I saw a Clear Choice commercial and I was wondering if I can just get my teeth pulled and replaced with dental implants?

– Darrel in New Jersey


Although Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers may look appealing in their commercial, please think this plan through before taking any action.

Based on what you have described, it doesn’t really sound like you are dental implant candidate. There may be some alternative treatments that will work better for you. Most reputable dentists will do absolutely everything possible to preserve healthy tooth structure. So, having crooked teeth extracted because you don’t like braces doesn’t sound like a logical decision.

Although dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth, the process is quite invasive and the procedure is highly complex. It is difficult to say what other options are best for you without having that much information about your specific case, but you need to meet with a reputable implant dentist in addition to Clear Choice if you decide to get a consultation from them.

It is possible you may be able to get crowns, have only a tooth or two removed and have a successful bridge, or possibly a partial denture? Or maybe you it would be best to incorporate dental implants into your treatment plan. But please don’t pull healthy teeth. Once they are gone, there is not getting them back.

If crowding is the main issue here, it is possible Invisalign may work for you. Don’t make any rash decisions based on some bias about orthodontics. You need to make the best decision for your long-term oral health. It’s time to see a respected implant dentist and go from there.

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