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Clear Choice was My Second Opinion- Do I Need a Third Opinion?

I wanted to have a couple of dental implants done, so I asked my own dentist about it. He quoted me a couple thousand dollars. I’ve been loyal to him for more than a decade and I go in every six months like clockwork. But I knew I wanted implants and couldn’t afford to get them done from him.

I’d heard a little about them, so I made an appointment for a second opinion from Clear Choice. I have to say, I was truly astounded at the way they do business there. I felt like I was on an assembly line, being shuffled around. Sure, they gave me a quote, but they also told me I have to have all these expensive gum treatments and they wanted a huge chunk of money up front in order for me to even schedule. It doesn’t make any sense, especially considering that my regular dentist didn’t say anything about my gums and I’ve always had healthy teeth. The ones I lost weren’t even decayed- I lost them in a car accident. Is it worth getting a third opinion or should I just resign myself to the fact that dental implants will always be out of my reach.


Dear Richard,

Usually, a second opinion after Clear Choice gives a treatment plan is advisable. In this case, it doesn’t sound like you disagree with anything your regular dentist said, and that your main concern is affordability.

If what you truly want is dental implants and you want your dentist to do them, have a discussion with the office manager. Sometimes there’s a little bit of wiggle room, and the office manager is the best one to help you find it. Insurance might pick up a little, if you have coverage. The office might also be able to accept affordable dental payments, and the procedure is typically done in stages anyway. So, even if it sounds like a larger price tag, you can probably whittle it down into more manageable monthly installments. The office staff deals with budgets all the time, so be honest with them about where you stand and see if they can work some magic for you.

If you still can’t afford it, by all means, get another consultation, but beware of offices with ultra-low rates. There’s a reason why they can offer cheap implants, and it probably isn’t a good one.

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Is Clear Choice cheaper than a private implant dentist?

I just heard from my sister that my dad needs dental implants. I don’t have to tell you how expensive they are. Well, me and my sister are footing the bill so we are exploring all our options. We want the quality of life that comes with dental implants, we are just doing our best to find the most economical option. I’m looking for Clear Choice reviews at the moment. Will they be cheaper than the fees from a private dentist.

– Stacey in New York


It is great that you see the value in dental implants. They truly are the best solution to replace missing teeth. You won’t regret choosing implants over dentures.

As far as reviews for Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, that is a loaded question. The reason is that every center operates independently. So the experiences of patients vary greatly depending on what geographic area you live.

When you are asking and assuming Clear Choice will be cheaper, that is probably not an accurate opinion. Generally speaking, you need to be very careful when price shopping for dental implants. Cheap dental implants aren’t always best. Many dentists will cut corners on materials or healing times and there can be any number of complications that arise under these circumstances. We have seen dental implant horror stories where patient’s have had dental implants become loose and other cases where they have become infected, or impinged upon the sinus cavities. There are all sorts of reasons for dental implant failure, from a lack of experience in the dentist placing them to problems with the surgery.

So as you gather price quotes, including from Clear Choice, just be sure you are comparing similar treatment plans. And the dentist’s experience and credentials should be at the top of your list. You need to able to trust this dentist with your dad. You want the best quality of life and ending up with the cheapest option may give him a host of other problems.

Good luck to you and your family!

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I have a Clear Choice Complaint

I am not happy with my experience with Clear Choice and want to voice my concern in an attempt to help others.

Here’s some background. When I first went to see Clear Choice, I had no teeth and was wearing a complete denture. So I was already dissatisfied with how my dentures were functioning, which is why I sought them out. After the consult, it was suggested I get all-on-four for my top and on the lower they said bridges would work. All of this for $44K. Of course I thought it was expensive but I was willing to do anything to improve my daily quality of life.

I had to move to another state, so I originally just had the bridges done as temporaries so they could be finished locally. After the procedure, I was shocked to find out I had an “overdenture” which was attached to implants and the pain was unbearable. I feel like I was blind-sided and that I didn’t get what I paid for.

How can they just decide an alternative treatment plan. I am livid and they will hear about it at my follow-up appointment. Beware of Clear Choice everyone! Double check your treatment plan before moving forward. I feel completely duped.

– Bart in Florida


Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers do have high fees and they are known for recommending all-on-four dental implants as their bread and butter. Some clinics are better than others, but they have a reputation for fostering a high pressure sales situation, so it may have been possible you were mislead in the sales process. But it is a pretty tall order to say they did an alternate treatment plan without your consent. Hopefully this is addressed in the follow-up appointment things cleared up are cleared up.

As for post-operative pain, that is common of such an extensive surgical procedure. There is no indication that Clear Choice did anything incorrectly to cause the pain.

In hindsight and for the benefit of anyone reading this post, it is always good to get a second opinion for this kind of work. Different doctors bring different perspectives and different fees. To the visitor that is considering Clear Choice or any implant dentist, do your research and get another opinion before committing to treatment.

Sorry to hear you had a negative experience.

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Clear Choice is cheaper, is that bad?

I have been into Clear Choice and have negotiated my fees down to $29,000. They started out nearly double that, but when I told them that I simply cannot afford that and my situation wasn’t going to change, they gave me a better deal. It also was probably due to the fact I told them I am a disabled Veteran. Is cheap bad? I don’t want to have problems and am grateful for the price decrease, but every other implant dentist I visited came in around $50-75K. They also were recommending that my teeth were fixed versus getting all dental implants. I have some missing teeth and am in my 60’s. I know I have more teeth that are ready to crumble. I am feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. Any pointers?

– Paul in Washington


Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers generally have skilled doctors. The biggest complaints are based around their sales tactics. They usually recommend one treatment plan, without any other option and that is what a lot of people tend to take issue with.

Typically, this would be the time to seek a second opinion. But it sounds like you have been proactive and have already taken that step. Therefore, if you are feeling comfortable with the treatment plan and doctors, then you probably are ready to proceed.

Yet, it is concerning that the other implant dentists are making recommendations about keeping your existing teeth and not extracting them. Or maybe you didn’t ask them if they would extract the teeth? If you want to so one more cost comparison then go back to the implant dentists again and ask them for the fees for the same services that Clear Choice is providing. Make sure you are clear that you are at the point where you do not trust your remaining teeth and want them extracted and replaced with dental implants. If they stand their ground and are not flexible, than it is probably best to go with Clear Choice. Typically, general dentists are flexible in providing options at different price points and will listen to your concern and incorporate them into their treatment plan. So that is the big question mark as to why they wouldn’t be willing to remove your remaining teeth? If you were in your 20’s or 30’s that would be understandable.

On the other hand, the major price drop by nearly 50 percent from Clear Choice is odd. It could be that they inflated the original fee or maybe there is something else that needs to be looked into. If you are feeling any apprehension with Clear Choice, then listen to your gut. Search Clear Choice reviews in your city and see what it turns up. Also, by searching Clear Choice second opinions, you may find some alternative dentists to meet with if you still want another opinion. Good luck!

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Was Clear Choice Right or Should I Get a Second Opinion?

I just came back from Clear Choice and I wonder if I should get a second opinion. I’ve only heard good things about them, so when I was finally ready to get my dental implants done, I decided to check them out. I know my teeth are really bad, but I was sure many of them could still be saved and that the dentist could work with them. Instead, they want to pull all of my remaining teeth and charge me what a modest home in my area costs, to do it. My teeth are important, but it’s not like I can live in them. I’m on a budget and they jumped straight into financing. That’s all well and good, but I can’t afford that kind of money- financed or not. I’m really put off by the whole thing. Is this the best I can hope for? Should I get a second opinion, even though I’ve already heard what Clear Choice has said or just scrap the whole thing for now?


Joel in Washington

Dear Joel,

In short, get a second opinion. Clear Choice is not the end-all. They tend to specialize in only a handful of treatments and use cookie-cutter techniques. So, even if you want a specialized treatment, they’re not likely to recommend one. Their platform and business model depends on them performing the same service repeatedly.

If you have a lot of work that needs to be done, it’s often a good idea to get a second opinion, whether the first came from Clear Choice or another dentist. When there are numerous teeth to restore, there will be multiple ways to do so. Each doctor will evaluate and provide his thoughts on what the optimal method is. Many will give you a few options and tell you which they think is best and why, then allow you to select based on preference and finances. You might even be able to do the work in stages. For instance, if your remaining teeth can be saved, you’d probably want to complete those first. Working in this manner won’t correct your whole smile in a day, but it can keep you within budget and help you hold onto your natural teeth for longer.

If you’re not satisfied with what you were told by Clear Choice, a second opinion is a reasonable and prudent decision.

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Is Clear Choice the better choice?

I’m the worst dental patient. I have a few missing teeth on my upper right, and my dentist gave me options of a denture or implants. I’m fairly young, and don’t want to deal with wearing a denture and the potential problems that can come with it. I understand that implants are the better option, but feel my dentist is charging an astronomical rate for doing the job. After coming across Clear Choice advertisements, I went to a local center where they quoted me a little less money for the All on 4, plus an extra discount if I paid in cash. I feel it’s silly to not want to save money. Plus, I understand Clear choice centers specialize in these treatments; doesn’t it make sense to want to get the work done there instead?

– Karen in Illinois


You are correct in the notion that dental implants are a better choice, and that Clear Choice centers specialize in implant placement. I don’t think it’s advisable to have the mentality of wanting to save money when seeking treatment such as implants. Like most corporate franchises, Clear Choice will have a mixed bag of reviews. It is a denture “supercenter”, where that’s the focus of their marketing, along with the treatment they emphasize most. It is likely your dentist who is not offering the “cash discount” uses higher quality materials and labs to do your work. Perhaps they know they will be giving you more chair time or individualized attention (i.e., having you come back every so often so they can check the progress of your implant) and those things are reflected in the price. Unfortunately, a lower price as offered by Clear Choice may mean compromised quality of materials and experienced personnel. You don’t want to be uninformed. In this scenario it is best to seek out multiple second opinions with highly experienced practitioners before making your decision.

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Looking for options to compare with Clear Choice.

I am missing two teeth. When I saw a Clear Choice Dental Implants Center commercial, I went in to see what they were all about. I have had a partial denture for many years but really hate it. I don’t feel like I should have to deal with a denture in my forties. So I’m interested in dental implants. When I went in for my Clear Choice consultation, they told me I have some periodontal disease going on. So, their solution was to remove all of the teeth on the bottom and get implants. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been into the dentist, but I’m skeptical. Removing all my bottom teeth isn’t sitting right with me, and especially for over $20K! Wouldn’t they want to try and preserve what’s left of my teeth? Does this sound like a legitimate recommendation? If not, what other options do I have?

– Ben in Georgia


Although, Clear Choice makes everything look super simple and hunky dory on television, you aren’t the first person that is seeking a Clear Choice second opinion after their initial consultation. Many Clear Choice reviews show that they have hidden charges and tend to have enormous treatment plans for issues that could have been addressed much more economically. They also have a reputation for high sales pressure tactics in certain areas of the country.

As far as your options go, recommendations vary greatly based on the dentist you see. It would be a very good idea to seek a second opinion. Typically, dentists will do everything they can to salvage as many of your remaining teeth as possible. Also, they will try to keep as much of the natural tooth structure in tact as possible. Even though Clear Choice may have painted an “all-or-nothing” kind of approach, it doesn’t have to be that way.  That is nothing against the professionals that work for Clear Choice, it just is becoming more of an increasing trend in their recommendations.

Saving your natural teeth should always be a priority or at the very least, an option. So if that isn’t a possibility, you may need to keep looking. Periodontal disease can complicate matters, so it will be important to address that concern before moving forward with dental implants.

But just to give you an idea of your possible options at a different practice, they could range between two independent dental implants to replace your two teeth, a dental bridge, or some other hybrid option. It is better to research a certain dentist’s credentials on cases similar to yours than to go into the office with a preconceived treatment idea. But you are right to be skeptical when anyone tells you they want to remove all your bottom teeth!

Thank you for sharing your story and good luck!

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Who can I see for a third opinion about Clear Choice?

I’m in a predicament and need to seek out a third opinion. I need major work done, and my current dentist gave me these options for my upper teeth: full dentures, snap on dentures with four implants or full implants (the latter having a price tag of $35,000). I know for a fact that I don’t want dentures. I went to a Clear Choice office which quoted me a price of only $5,000 more than my dentist for the “All on 4” for my uppers and lowers, which I will need done as well. That sounds a lot more reasonable and enticing, but I’m not sure the best way to go. Since Clear choice was my second opinion, who can I seek for a third opinion, or rather get independent advice, or possibly use?

– Paulette in Kansas


It’s always great to seek out the advice of a few professionals, especially with the work being so involved. Clear choice, though their dentists are all very knowledgeable about their craft, is a “corporate brand” if you will. Seeking the direct advice of a professional not trying to sell a specific product is always a good idea, even if it’s a third, or fourth opinion.

It wouldn’t hurt to look up reputable prosthodontists in your area. Their area of expertise is esthetics, restorations, and full-moth reconstructions. They know best about every restorative option for your mouth, and can advise you in the right direction. They will also likely work closely with other dental professionals like Oral Surgeons and Periodontists who they can refer you to, to further explain in detail about the implant surgery. From there, you can be more informed about which way you decide to go. It’s always good to get a second opinion after visiting a Clear Choice Dental Implant Center, or any implant dentist, for that matter.

Conflicting recommendations between Clear Choice & my Periodontist?

I am frustrated because I feel like I don’t know what to do? I have an ill-fitting denture on the bottom and have been very uncomfortable for years. The last time I was in at my dentist, he quoted me for an implant-supported denture and told me to seek a second opinion from a periodontist. He told me that there was a possibility that I would require bone grafting. I see commercials all the time for Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, so I decided it would be worth it to hear their two cents too. Clear Choice said I don’t need bone grafting and my dentist and the Periodontist I met with recommended that I do need bone grafting. I’m feeling confused and wondering who is just trying to get more money out of me or who has my best interests in mind?

– Carl in Florida


It is difficult to give you much feedback because it isn’t quite clear the treatment plan that Clear Choice provided you. But it sounds as if it is safe to assume the treatment plans are not the same.

If you have a traditional denture (which it sounds is the case) then several dental implants can be used to support the denture to stabilize it and make it more comfortable. In order to ensure these implants act as an anchor to the denture, there needs to be adequate bone present at the implant site. If there isn’t enough bone density, then you run the risk of the dental implants failing.

Clear Choice Dental Implant centers often times recommend what is called the all-on-four procedure. One of the main factors in this recommendation is that there is typically more bone toward the back of the mouth, therefore eliminating the need for bone grafting. They utilize this bone location by angling the implants to hold the denture with only four dental implants. But make sure you do your homework, because there are many implant dentists out there that flat-out refuse to perform the all-on-four procedure because their is a higher failure rate, approximately five percent by a 2011 study. Then if it fails, you will have to get bone grafting done anyway.

So, try not to have the mentality that one dentist or practice is trying to get more money out of you, but take the time to find the right implant dentist that you can trust. The more opinions and research you do upfront, especially in deciding whether or not you require bone grafting, will be well worth the expense and stress if the treatment is unsuccessful.

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Bad experience with Clear Choice.

My teeth had continually deteriorated. I was embarrassed to smile and had lost so many teeth I was having trouble eating. The time had come for me to get a full mouth replacement with dental implants. I was drawn to Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers because I saw a commercial on tv. They told me to attend a seminar, which I did. And in hindsight, that whole deal was all smoke and mirrors. I was told that I was a “perfect candidate” and all the glitz at the seminar sold me on the spot. I ended up paying Clear Choice over $4K for all-on-four implant-retained denture. This was their “teeth-in-a-day” offer and I was convinced I truly was the “perfect candidate.”

What they should have called the procedure was “dentures-in-a-day” because I basically had a mouth full of plastic. It turns out at a cleaning it was discovered that the implants were not placed where my teeth once were. And I also found out that they could have used my natural teeth to better secure everything but they didn’t. I was so mad when I found out they removed my natural teeth and they didn’t have to. I called and asked for my money back, and of course the answer was no way! I feel suckered and know this post won’t change anything. But if by chance there is someone like me out there, please, please, please reconsider spending so much money. Go to a reputable implant dentist. Don’t make my mistake!

– Jerry in Georgia


Thank you for your willingness to share your experience. The all-on-four technique is quite popular among Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers. They extract all your remaining teeth and to the implant-retained denture. Every Clear Choice Center is different, but thank you for sharing your story. Every dentist has differing philosophies, but you should have been presented with more than one option in your circumstance. Sorry about your experience.

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