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I got a price from Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers and want to find reviews.

I have been doing my research about getting dental implants on four of my top and bottom teeth, for a total of eight. I went into Clear Choice and received a quote for $42,000. Is that comparable to what I can expect elsewhere? Or is that outrageously high? I am looking for any input or Clear Choice reviews I can find for comparison.

– Elaine in Oregon


It is always good for any kind of major procedure like eight dental implants, to get a second opinion. Then, you will have some basis for comparison. One common Clear Choice review is that it seems like most people end up getting the same treatment plan. And since implant dentistry is so intrusive, every individual has a different set of issues. A one-size fits all approach is never a good sign.

Often times, the Clear Choice approach involves removing the remaining teeth and getting all-on-four dental implants. Well not everyone is the best candidate for this treatment plan and you really should at least consider an approach that tries to salvage what healthy teeth you have. It is unclear if that is the treatment plan that was recommended for you, but again seeking a second opinion is always a good way to go.

There are two very reputable implant dentistry organizations that you should look for when you are considering an implant dentist; the International College of Oral Implantologists or American Academy of Oral Implantology. If a dentist is either a fellow of the ICOI or board certified by the American Board of Oral Implantology, or a graduate of the Misch Institute, then they would be able to give you a valid second opinion.

As far as where the price they gave you would compare, it does sound high. But you didn’t elaborate on the exact treatment plan, if it involved any bone grafting or if they were actually going to to the all-on-four dental implant procedure? Most dentists aren’t that confident in the longevity of all-on-fours.

Lastly, when you do go in for the second opinion, be sure that you do not reveal what Clear Choice recommended. You want them to make an unbiased recommendation, based on what they think is best for your personalized needs. So you probably don’t even want to recommend that they are the second dentist you are meeting with.

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Review on Clear Choice.

I am extremely worried about the business policies of this practice. In order to proceed with my care, the office demanded $1000.00 plus 1/2 the cost of the procedure. Now they are demanding that I sign a promissory note (actually four notes) for the rest of the work. I have not had any work done yet. What was supposed to be in August (they cashed our check on the 9th) is now put off until mid September) their choice. I am being strong armed to pay the next installment, which would be two weeks before anything is done. I am extremely worried about my decision and that I may never see my money again.
– Maureen in California

Thank you for your Clear Choice Dental Center review. Clear Choice centers in various cities have been criticized for their sales tactics and some of their business practices. But I am confident they aren’t going to try to do anything illegal like just taking your money. I’m confident you don’t have anything to worry about there.

But when you give them the money up front like that, you ARE limiting your ability to complain about the results or anything that happens during your appointment. I would feel uncomfortable with that, too. And a general suggestion I would give to anyone who goes to Clear Choice would be to get a second opinion. They tend to have certain standard procedures that they do, and they do everyone the same way. In implant dentistry there is almost always more than one way to solve any dental problem, so there is more than a “one size fits all” approach.

With such a major investment with dental implants, do your research to avoid more costly mistakes in the future.

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A bad experience at Clear Choice

A Review of the St. Louis Clear Choice Dental Implants Center
Well my wife and I were scheduled for a 3D scan and all that you see on the commercial, well I am sorry to say that when we got in there, we filled out the papers we sat there and waited and the “financial” lady told us that there was no reason that we need to get this done, we didn’t look like we could pay for it. I personally was hurt and upset, because I felt that we were discriminated against. I have a birth defect that I would really like to have looked at because the Army never did. I was wrong I would never recommend this place to anyone. I will recommend my friends and family to Dr. — — (name withheld).
– Tim from Missouri

I’m sorry that you had a bad experience at the Clear Choice Dental Implants Center. I know that we have heard a lot of criticism of their sales techniques. Some patients feel that they are too high-pressured. But I doubt that the way they treated you was a matter of policy. This may have just been an employee with an attitude. I do think that clinically they do good work.

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