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Have Low Sinuses- How Do I Find the Best Implant Dentist?

I need to have a single tooth replaced and I saw an implant dentist about it close to a year ago now. He had me go through all kinds of tests, including a CT scan, and then surmised that it wouldn’t be an easy process for me. Apparently, my sinuses are lower than they are for most people, so the implant dentist wanted me to have some kind of surgery to lift it up higher, and then have bone grafting on top of that. All the preliminary work would have taken about a year and cost a mint- and that’s before we even get to the point where I can have the implant placed. A good friend of mine says that’s nonsense, that a good doctor can go through without all the preliminary work. How do I go about finding the best implant dentist, given my unique situation, so I can avoid having the extra stuff done?


Margo in New Mexico

Dear Margo,

It’s not really about finding an implant dentist who will go forward without the additional steps. Any doctor can do that. The problem is, any doctor can perforate your sinuses, too. If that happens, you’re  probably going to wind up having to start from scratch again and might have infections, pain, and other problems. If the doctor you saw had you go through the tests and the CT scan, and still determined that it was too risky to go forward without the sinus lift, then it’s really a bad idea to go forward with the traditional course of treatment.

You have a couple of options. One, of course, is to keep searching until you find someone who will do it the way you want it done. This is a choice you’re likely to regret. Alternatively, you can search for someone who does “mini implants.” They’re the same concept, but smaller. Many doctors use these for patients who wear dentures, to help keep the dentures in place better, but they don’t always use them for single teeth. You might want to seek someone out who already uses the minis and have a consultation, but don’t put pressure on the doctor either way. Give him the opportunity to propose the best solution for you. If the mini is an option that can save you the time and effort of the sinus lift, a dentist who places them on a regular basis will be able to tell fairly easily.

There is a possibility that you still won’t have enough bone and will still need the additional procedures, but at least you’ll be able to go forward knowing that you’ve checked with an expert implant dentist and are being offered the best solutions for your situation.

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I know mini implants are cheaper but are they controversial?

I can’t afford to get dental implants so I have been exploring my options. As I did my research, I found mini implants. When I asked my dentist about it, I was told they are “controversial.” He suggested I get a dental flipper or partial denture to replace my missing tooth. Have you heard of this. I think I would prefer the mini implant over a flipper or partial denture because it seems more stable. Why does my dentist feel this way?

-Andrea in Florida


Interesting that your dentist shared his opinion about mini implants being controversial. To make a long story short, mini implants are controversial, mainly since they tend to be misunderstood.

A traditional implant and a mini implant are both surgically implanted into the jawbone. They fuse with the bone and when placed properly will function just like your natural tooth. The difference is the price which your mentioned, they are much more affordable than dental implants because of the size. This is mainly due to the fact that mini implants are much smaller, so the process to place them is much simpler and the healing time is shorter, all which makes them about half the fees.

Yes, they sound great. But if your dentist isn’t recommending them for you, don’t force it. You may be interested in seeking a second opinion from another implant dentist because you want to make sure the dentist that places any kind of implant, is experienced and has performed the procedure on similar cases as yours.

Mini implants sound like an excellent option, but they aren’t right for everyone. Your case may have some specifics that may prohibit you from being a candidate. Some dentist don’t feel that they are strong enough to hold up over time. But depending on what tooth is being replaced, it may work out for you.

Continue asking questions. And don’t move forward with a dentist that is recommending a different treatment option. That could be a recipe for disaster. Thank you for your question.

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Told I don’t have enough space for dental implants.

I used to work on a ranch out in Montana. I have the best memories of those long summer days. But one of the job hazards was the fact that I was kicked in the mouth by one of the horses. I lost a tooth that summer and it didn’t bother me too much because I was a kid. Also, you couldn’t even see it when I smiled. But, now I think it’s time to get it taken care of, mainly because I think the neighboring tooth also needs to be extracted. This may be due to the fact that I haven’t seen a dentist in years. Anyway, when I finally got my butt in to see a dentist, he told me there wasn’t enough space so dental implants weren’t an option. He was recommending a dental bridge. But from all the research I’ve done I’m seeing that implants are by far the best solution. Why wouldn’t there be enough room if there used to be teeth in those two spots? I’m feeling frustrated because I finally want to get this fixed and this feels like a road block.

– Donald in Texas


That is a good question which could be as simple as the dentist you saw may not be comfortable (or qualified) to place dental implants. This is a highly skilled area of dentistry and not just any old dentist makes an excellent implant dentist.

Also, you didn’t mention how many years had passed since your run in with the horse. Therefore, the teeth may have shifted over time into the space where the other tooth used to be.  That may be the reason he is stating that there isn’t enough room.

That said, it doesn’t mean that a dental bridge is your only choice. Most dentists prefer to keep as much of your healthy tooth structure in tact and since bridges require the drilling down of additional teeth that surround the missing ones – you should be able to find a dentist that will provide another alternative.

Mini implants may work for you. They are much smaller in diameter than standard dental implants. So if you are a mini implants candidate, this option may work for a smaller space. Although, mini implants aren’t as strong as conventional implants. It is also not unheard of for a dentist to move forward with a standard dental implant and then adhere two replacement teeth on the same post. The bottom line is that you should have options. So if your dentist isn’t willing or comfortable, it may be time for a second opinion.

Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your story.

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Concerned about the cost of dental implants.

I have done my research and understand that dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. I have heard about facial collapse and really don’t want my dad to have to deal with that debilitating condition. But I just don’t know how we will afford implants? I’m seeing information that mini implants are more affordable. How much more affordable are they really?

– Roy in Illinois


You are correct that dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth for many reasons. They function just like normal teeth, they look and feel the same, and as you mentioned they prevent bone loss around each implant site. Implants truly offer the best quality of life and in the long run are more economical than some of the cheaper alternatives, like dentures.

Your concern about the cost of dental implants is understandable. As for mini implants, you are also correct in that they are less expensive than standard dental implants. In fact, once it’s all said and done, mini implants are a more affordable dental implants because they are about half the cost of standard implants. This is mainly due to the fact that they are much smaller in diameter than traditional implants which means the surgery to replace them is much less invasive, and the healing time is much faster. All of these factors contribute to the lower cost.

That said, be sure to discuss mini implants with your dentist to make sure he or she is comfortable with placing them. Not every dentist believes in their long term strength overtime. And you never want to move forward with any type of treatment that your dentist isn’t fully supportive of. But every case is different and mini implants are a less expensive alternative. They are not strong enough to support a single tooth restoration, but they can be used to stabilize a denture, etc. Discuss the options regarding your dad’s personal situation and be honest about your cost concern. Sometimes limiting the number of implants placed can save a lot of money and still provide an effective solution.

Good luck!

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Looking for the best & most affordable dental implants.

I have faced the reality that I need dental implants to replace my missing teeth. I’m looking for the most economical option but don’t want “cheap” dental implants either. I realize you get what you pay for and have to be careful. This is because I have been online and seen no shortage of dental implant horror stories. What do you think about Clear Choice?

– Cheryl in Iowa


Since implant dentistry is not a regulated field within dentistry, you have to be very cautious when using price as a determining factor. It is good that you realize how important quality materials and services are when it comes to dental implants. You may choose some cheap dental implant dentist and then end up with terrible consequences, probably like you have found on the internet. Failed dental implants, implants that have pierced sinuses, nerve damage, implants that fall out, the list goes on. So the absolute most important decision you have as a patient is finding the right dentist versus selecting a certain type of implant treatment.

Clear Choice is a national company and has locations everywhere. They advertise heavily and present more of a “clinic” environment. There are qualified implant dentists at Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, but it would be wise to treat them with no higher esteem than a private practice. You want to meet with and learn about the particular implant dentist’s credentials that will perform the work for you. Ask to see similar cases to yours, before and after photographs and testimonials, as well as inquire about the frequency and duration of their personal continuing education. Again, it’s all about the dentist. If you do meet with Clear Choice, get a second opinion from another reputable dentist. Even if you don’t go to Clear Choice, there is nothing wrong with screening multiple dentists. Often times you will find that a dentist will give you a free consultation when you are considering dental implants.

As far as your budget goes, there are many financing options available privately for dental work, as well as private payment plans through the practices. Mini implants are another more affordable dental implant option. They are significantly less expensive than standard dental implants. The diameter of the implant is much smaller which means the surgery is much simpler to place them, resulting in lower cost. Although, they aren’t right for everyone. They do present drawbacks in the strength. Again, the right dentist will listen to your cost concerns and make the right recommendations for your specific case. Choose your dentist wisely, it cannot be emphasized enough!

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