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Unhappy with Snap-on Smile.

I decided to get the snap-on smile and am not happy with it. I have always had a gap in front, right by my canine tooth. It really irritates me with how it looks. So my childhood dentist told me to give the snap-on smile a try. But I really am disappointed with it. It looks super fake to me, it’s big, and makes my teeth look bulky. All the research I’ve done says that I will not be able to get a refund. This purchase was a good bit of money for me though, so I feel like I need to at least wear it. Do you know if anything can be done to slim it down? Any insight would be appreciated.

– Gina in Missouri


Sorry to hear you have had a negative experience with the snap-on smile appliance. It is possible that your dentist may not be artistically inclined. For cosmetic dentistry it takes a lot of training beyond dental school for beautiful results. It would be good to discuss how you are feeling with your dentist to see if anything can be done to improve it. As far as a refund, it will be very unlikely. So hopefully your dentist can work with it.

Many general dentists come from a more functional mindset than cosmetic dentists. They are used to fixing a dental problem instead of focusing on beauty. As far as the bulkiness, this is actually a common complaint for snap-on smile patients. This is because it snaps over your teeth so it isn’t the most natural looking. The snap-on smile is good for a temporary time period or occasion, like a job interview, wedding, or graduation.

For a missing tooth, a partial denture or flipper partial may be a better solution. This kind of appliance snaps in place in the mouth and replaces the missing tooth or missing teeth with artificial teeth. This approach will not add anything over the top of your natural teeth. You may be able to talk to your dentist about this as an option. And since you were so unhappy with his original recommendation, maybe he would be willing to discount it or not charge you for it. Who knows, maybe your dentist is just starting out with cosmetic dentistry or maybe you are the first snap-on smile case that he has done. He may also be unhappy with the result. It never hurts to ask.

Best of luck to you!

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Will Snap-on Smile work for a temporary tooth replacement?

I am trying to find out if the Snap-on Smile is a good option for me. I am missing two teeth on top and I think I am going to have to get another one taken out. I have looked into the cost of dental implants and dentures and just don’t think I can make that work for my budget. I know I need to get in to see a dentist to know for sure if I would be a Snap-on Smile candidate, but I just wanted to try to find out some more about it before I make the appointment. I’m in my 50’s and pretty good physical health.

– Michael in Kansas


It is very difficult to give you any specific recommendations without having actually seen your case.

From what you have described about your missing teeth and the fact that you are thinking that another one may need to be removed, it sounds as if periodontal disease may be an issue for you. If this is the case, there are some problems that Snap-on Smile may present for you. This is because the appliance actually snaps onto your natural teeth. Therefore, some stress will be placed on those teeth which may complicate periodontal disease. The dentist may also have a tough time getting the appliance to fit appropriately.

If you are looking for an option that is less expensive than dental implants or dentures, a flipper partial could work for you. The missing teeth are mimicked with plastic teeth which makes this treatment much less pricey.

Hopefully this gives you some more information to help you out.

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I only have three teeth left.

I only have three bottom teeth left in my mouth and I was wondering if a Snap-on Smile would work for me?

– Shannon in California


A Snap-on Smile is a temporary smile makeover that works well under certain circumstances. Unfortunately if all you have left is three teeth and if they happen to be in the front, then it will not work well for you. The Snap-on Smile may be used when an individual is missing several missing teeth but not if the majority of teeth are missing. The appliance would put too much stress on the few that were left.

Another option that is relatively similar in fee to a Snap-on Smile is a removable partial denture. There are types of partial dentures out there that can work if you are missing almost all of your teeth because it rests mainly on soft tissue. This means it won’t put any added stress on the remaining teeth.

The ideal solution for your case would likely be dental implants. They tend to be more expensive but are a permanent, natural-looking way to replace your missing teeth. There are affordable dental implants called mini implants that may be another option for you. Just be very careful when price shopping for dental implants. If a dentist cuts corners on the quality of implants, they could fail leaving you with a greater expense in the long run. Dentists vary in fees so they can be more affordable, just don’t go for cheap implants. Call around and be sure to check out the dentist’s credentials and experience in placing dental implants.

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Not happy with treatment for missing tooth

I recently got a Snap-on smile and I must say that I am not happy with the result. I am missing one of my canines and my dentist told me to go with the Snap-on smile. I think it looks very fake and bulky. I am really disappointed. From what I can tell it is non-refundable which out of principle I feel like I should wear it even though it looks fake. Do you think I should have my dentist try again with a new mold? I’m embarrassed of this tooth gap and really want to feel good about my smile.

– Carolyn in Oregon


Unfortunately your situation may be a good example of the fact that most dentists aren’t artistic. Simply put, they are trained to fix things. If you think your dentist will try to fix it, than it may be worth working with them to see if it can be improved. But you are correct in not expecting to be refunded.

A true cosmetic dentist is wired a bit differently than your average dentist. They have undergone additional training beyond dental school and are very passionate about making their patients feel completely satisfied with the way their smile looks. An excellent cosmetic dentist will be able to help you.

Although, if it’s the missing tooth that is the primary issue then there are other treatments that could do a lot more for your smile and self-concept. When you are missing one tooth or if you are missing several teeth, a partial flipper may be the way to go. This appliance snaps into place and replaces your missing tooth with a plastic tooth while your other teeth remain unaffected. There is nothing that covers them up. In some cases, a dentist may let you try the flipper out free of charge. Other options that may work for you are a dental implant or a dental bridge.

I hope you find something that gives you the smile you deserve and I hope this information was helpful.

Best of luck.

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Snap-On Smile and Snap-It Appliance

Can snap on smile be used over a bridge? I have a bridge with 10 teeth, two broke off and my dentist cannot make them stay on. Replacing the bridge is financially prohibited. I am diappointed in the “partial” he made bad color and I cannot speak properly
– Gina from New Jersey

Sorry to hear about your broken dental bridge. That’s one problem with long bridges – when something breaks you have to replace the whole thing. For that reason, often dental implants last better. But if you can’t afford to replace the bridge right now, you probably won’t be able to do the dental implants, either.

Yes, a Snap-On-Smile can be used over a bridge and could replace the missing teeth that have broken off the bridge. I couldn’t tell you for sure if it would work for your specific situation without seeing you, but the general answer is yes, the Snap-On Smile can be used in situations like that. It will fill in the missing teeth and snap over your bridge any any other natural teeth. Whether or not it will work depends on how solid the rest of the bridge is.

Another option for replacing missing teeth is also made by Den-Mat, and it is called the Snap-It appliance. It’s less expensive than the Snap-On Smile, and it’s designed only to replace missing teeth, not to cover over existing teeth. It is more comfortable than the partial denture you have because it only replaces the missing teeth and snaps onto the adjacent teeth. You do have to be careful with it, though, because it’s small enough to swallow.

But I would think your dentist could make your partial the right color and make it at least comfortable enough so you could speak properly. I don’t understand the problem there.

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Can Snap-On Smile be used for lower teeth?

Is the snap-on-smile device available for lower teeth?
– DJ from Oregon

The Snap-On Smile can be used for lower teeth, but there are some limitations.

Since in most people the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth in front, any additions to the fronts of the lower front teeth will cause that you will be biting directly on the Snap-On Smile appliance. This would open your bite. If you only open the bite in the front of your mouth, this would be an undesirable situation if you were intending to wear it for any length of time. Besides possibly making your jaw sore, it could cause your back teeth to drift. So in most cases, if we were to make an appliance for your lower teeth, we would want to make it for the entire lower arch, not just the front teeth.

These restrictions might vary from case to case.

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