Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

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Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

A bright, shiny smile can make a big difference in how you look, and even boost your confidence level. Activated charcoal is a remedy that has been around for generations. It’s been used for many things, including whitening and brightening teeth. The following information provides everything you need to know about activated charcoal.

Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a black powder that is made from a variety of substances including coal, bone char, coconut shells and sometimes sawdust. It’s “activated” after being treated at very high temperatures. This process changes the structure of the charcoal after using high-pressure gas to make it more porous. The porous texture is what makes activated charcoal different from other types, including the kind you would use for backyard grilling.

Activated charcoal has a long history of being a natural remedy for a variety of ailments and health conditions. It has been used to treat food poisoning because it has the ability to bind poisons and toxins in the stomach. It may also reduce cholesterol and improve how well your kidneys work. It has even been used as a face mask to remove impurities from the skin.

Activated charcoal has also been used as a teeth whitening agent. Many people insist that using either a toothpaste with charcoal or mixing their own from charcoal pills has improved their teeth.

Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

How Does It Work?

After charcoal has been activated it is ready to use. The porous areas, which are basically little holes and spaces, are supposed to act like magnets that absorb impurities and toxins from whatever surface you apply it to. Era Organics states that activated charcoal also works well because it has a negative electrical charge.

If you decide to try charcoal for your teeth, it’s important to remember to get charcoal that has already been activated. You should also use a special toothbrush that is made for brushing with this type of charcoal. Some toothbrushes have been made with charcoal-infused bristles.

You can use it in either powder or pill form. For powder, it’s usually recommended to use one or two small capsules at a time. Open them into a cup or a small plate and mix the powder with water to make a paste. Then rub the paste along your teeth with your finger. If you use a toothbrush, brush gently and make sure not to scrub. Make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove all the black particles from your teeth.

Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

What Are the Effects?

While there isn’t complete agreement on how effective or detrimental activated charcoal may be, there are several potential pros and cons. Some of the possible advantages include the following:

  • Whiter Teeth: The hope of whitening teeth is the primary reason most people use activated charcoal. Being able to remove bacteria and stuck-on food particles will likely improve the overall whiteness of your teeth.
  • Fewer Stains: Activated charcoal may have the ability to remove coffee or wine stains on teeth. It’s important to note that removing stains is not the same as actually whitening teeth.
  • Healthier Teeth: If plaque and other unwanted substances can be absorbed and removed from the teeth, you might actually improve the health of your teeth. This may result in fewer cavities.
  • Fresher Breath: According to Healthy and Natural World, activated charcoal improves breath. This may be because the charcoal can help remove bacteria that cause bad breath.

Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

While there are potentially several great benefits of brushing with activated charcoal, there are also drawbacks. Some of the possible negative effects include the following:

  • Only Removes Surface Stains: Although it’s likely that activated charcoal will remove surface stains that accumulate on your teeth from food and liquid, it doesn’t have the capacity to remove stains beneath the enamel.
  • Potentially Damages Enamel: There are concerns that activated charcoal could be harsh enough to possibly damage enamel. This may occur if the charcoal is used on a fairly regular basis.
  • Possibly Stain the Tongue: Using charcoal in your mouth consistently may darken your tongue.

Is This Procedure Right for You?

There are currently lots of products on the market that feature activated charcoal. These include different types of toothpaste and whitening strips. There seems to be adequate evidence that activated charcoal does have properties that causes it to bind itself to toxins and other negative substances. Actual scientific research regarding the long-term effects of using activated charcoal on the teeth, however, is pretty thin.

According to Wellness Mama, activated charcoal has been proven to whiten teeth for some individuals. While science and research may not have come to a definitive conclusion, many people insist that this method of whitening teeth works. Will it work for you?

Your Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal

Before using activated charcoal there are several things you’ll want to consider. First you’ll need to weigh all the pros and cons regarding charcoal use on the teeth. You’ll also want to discuss using this method with your dentist or health care provider. Since activated charcoal can potentially wear away enamel, it may not be the best option for those who are suffering from enamel erosion.

Using activated charcoal may have many potential benefits, including cleaning and whitening your teeth. You’ll want to take the current condition of your teeth into consideration and consult with your dentist before deciding if this option is right for you.

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