Your Guide To Properly Cleaning Dentures

No one wants to lose their teeth.

For many, just the thought of their teeth falling out is enough to keep them up at night.

Thanks to all the recent advancements in dentistry, though, you can use dentures to maintain your great smile and boost your self-confidence even after your teeth have fallen out.

The only catch is that keeping your dentures clean, and cleaning them the right way can be a daunting task, especially when you're still getting used to them.

To keep your dentures clean, bacteria free, and sparkling white, they need to be cleaned thoroughly and on a regular basis.

You also need to clean your natural teeth and your mouth before you put your dentures on in the morning.

In the article below, we will discuss a few tips on how to keep your dentures clean and offer a simple three-step process to make it simple.

Cleaning Your Dentures Table of Contents

  1. Removing Plaque from Your Dentures
  2. How to Clean Your Dentures With Peroxide
  3. How to Clean Your Dentures With Vinegar
  4. Tips for Whitening Your Dentures
  5. What Types of Toothpaste to Use with Dentures
  6. The Best 3 Step Process for Cleaning Your Dentures
  7. The Best Adhesives For Your Dentures
  8. Need Dentures? We can help

Keep your dentures plaque free

Remove Plaque From Your Dentures

Traditional toothpaste, hot water, and household cleaners are not going to cut it when it comes to cleaning your dentures.

The best way to eliminate plaque is to soak your dentures overnight in a commercial cleaning solution that has been developed explicitly for dentures.

You should also continue to brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth using your regular toothpaste.

The first step to keeping plaque off of your dentures is to keep it out of your mouth.

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Clean Your Dentures With Peroxide

If you're looking to save a couple bucks, you can clean your dentures using peroxide that you probably already have in your house.

First, you'll want to place two teaspoons of baking soda into a glass and add a few drops of water.

Next, put your dentures inside the glass, and then add enough hydrogen peroxide to completely submerge them.

Soak them like this overnight, and be sure to rinse them thoroughly before you use them again.

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Clean Your Dentures With Vinegar

Vinegar also serves as a simple, effective, and cheap solution for cleaning and disinfecting your dentures.

If you choose to use this method, you'll want to create a vinegar solution that's one part vinegar and one part water.

You can soak them overnight like you did with the peroxide above, or you can stick them in the solution for 30 minutes for a quick clean.

No matter how long you decide to soak them, be sure to thoroughly rinse them before using them again.

If you don't, you'll experience a taste that you won't soon forget.

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Keep Your Dentures Nice And White

There are several quality whitening solutions you can use for your dentures that are specifically designed to clean denture stains.

Be sure not to use any abrasive cleaning materials, stiff-bristled brushes, hard whitening toothpaste, hot water, or bleach-containing products.

They will all damage your dentures and should be avoided at all costs.

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Toothpaste For Your Dentures

You shouldn't use the same toothpaste you use for your natural teeth on your dentures.

Instead, you should use commercial denture creams, pastes, or gels.

Use the pastes according to the manufacturer's instructions, and always be sure to remove your dentures before applying any type of denture cleaner.

This daily 3 step process will keep you smiling

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Three Steps To Cleaning Your Dentures

Below is a three step process that you can use everyday to keep your dentures clean and in excellent shape.

1. Soak

Drop a denture cleansing tablet into warm water, and never hot water because if the water is too hot, it will damage your dentures.

Soak your dentures in the tablet and warm water according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Make sure there's enough water in the glass to completely submerge your dentures.

Brushing your dentures will help remove plaque, but soaking them will remove the debris that your brush can't reach.

2. Brush

Making sure to use a soft-bristle brush, along with the tablet solution, gently brush your dentures to clean off any remaining debris.

There are specialty denture brushes available that you can use on your dentures on a daily basis.

As we mentioned before, don't use your regular toothpaste because it could scratch the surface of your dentures, allowing bacteria to build up on them.

Brushing all surfaces of your dentures with a specialist paste or the remaining cleaning fluid will make you confident that you're doing all you can when it comes to good oral hygiene and taking care of your dentures.

3. Rinse

Once your dentures have been soaked and thoroughly brushed, rinse them off under running water.

Using this routine on a daily basis will help ensure that your full or partial dentures are kept as clean as possible, allowing you to flash a confident smile whenever you want.

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The Best Adhesives For Your Dentures

Using high-quality adhesives will go a long way in keeping your dentures clean and ensuring their longevity.

Whether it's a strip, wafer, powder, or cream, the best denture adherents should firmly hold your dentures in place to keep food from sticking between the dentures and your gums.

A number of commercial adhesives are available, and it's a good idea to do your research and try a few out before you settle on one.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly, and always make sure you've cleaned your dentures before applying any type of adhesive.

Keep your smile big and bright with dentures from Hylan Dental Care

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Keep Your Smile Big And Bright

Even if your teeth start to fall out, it is still possible for you to keep a big, white, toothy smile.

Advancements in dentistry have come a long way, and you can hardly tell the difference between dentures and a real set of teeth.

You might already know someone who has dentures, but you don't even realize it.

Cleaning them can be kind of tedious and intimidating, especially when you first get them, but if you follow the steps and advice in this article, keeping them clean will be a walk in the park.

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