Properly Prepare Your Child for a Visit to the Dentist

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Properly Prepare Your Child for a Visit to the Dentist


Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be scary for them. Television shows and movies often depict a visit to the dentist as being painful, which can make children feel worried that the dentist is going to hurt them when they go in for an appointment. It’s best to properly prepare your child for a visit with the dentist ahead of time so that they can feel as comfortable as possible on the day of the appointment. The following guide walks you through a few things you can do to make your child feel more comfortable about a visit to the dentist.

Show Videos of Real Dental Visits

Fortunately, there are plenty of videos online that you can show your child of real dental visits. This can help them to feel better prepared about going to the appointment because they will know what to expect. It’s important to take the time to watch the videos yourself ahead of time to make sure that you aren’t showing them a video that has anything that could be scary to them in it. You want them to feel at peace after watching the video, not fearful or worried.

Read Books About Dentistry

Visit your local library to find books that are filled with information about dentistry. Your child will probably have a lot of questions about their teeth and oral care and having books available allows you to have visual aids to use. You can show them pictures of the mouth, teeth, and proper oral care. You can also help them to learn why dental visits and regular dental care is so important. You need them to know that you are taking them to the dentist to keep their teeth healthy and strong, not as a punishment for not brushing as well as they should or eating too much candy one day.

Let Your Child Meet the Dentist

Going to the dental office a day or two before the appointment may be a great way to help your child feel more comfortable with the experience. You may be able to arrange for a tour of the facility and even let your child meet the dentist that they will be seeing for a few minutes. This can help them to build a rapport with the dentist so that they feel safe in their care. You don’t just want to just show up at the dental office and ask for a tour or to talk to the dentist, though. The office will more than likely be very busy and asking to schedule the tour or meeting is the best option.

Be Present During the Appointment

It’s important to be present during the appointment when it’s time for your child to see the dentist. You need to not only be in the room, but to engage with your child and the dentist throughout the appointment. Put your phone away, put down the magazines, and consider holding your child’s hand or at least sitting within eyesight of your child so that they can see you are there and watching everything that is going on. This will give them peace of mind and make the appointment easier for them to handle.

Most dental appointments with children don’t take very long, but having a child who feels comfortable with the situation can make everything such smoother. Proper preparation ensures that both you and your child handle the dentist appointment well.

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