Seemingly Harmless Habits that May be Wrecking Your Teeth

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Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is important. It takes effort to keep your smile looking great. People often make the mistake of thinking they can keep their smile healthy by just brushing once or twice a day. The following guide walks you through common habits that may be damaging your teeth.

Using Tobacco Products

It’s common to think tobacco only affects your oral health with bad breath and stained teeth. Chewing tobacco can cause oral cancer, gum disease and cardiovascular disease.

Tobacco products can cause significant damage to your mouth. Tobacco will stain your teeth, make your breath smell horrible, and raise your risk of oral cancer.

Tobacco dries out your mouth.

A dry mouth can lead to gum decay and cause your teeth to fall out.

If you use tobacco in any form, try to stop as soon as you can to limit the amount of damage to your mouth.

Drinking Soda or Alcoholic Beverages

Seemingly Harmless Habits that May be Wrecking Your TeethSoda and alcoholic beverages are often filled with different types of sugars and phosphoric acid. Sugar is bad but phosphoric acid is even worse. They will both cause your enamel to erode.

When enamel erodes it easier for cavities to form.

To avoid cavities it is best to avoid sodas and alcohol. If you can’t avoid them, drink them in moderation. Take a sip of water after drinking sodas. This will wash the acids and sugars off your teeth.

Dr. Gerard Judd did an interesting study about tooth decay. He found that people who drank water while eating had significantly fewer cavities and dental problems.


Eating Citrus Fruit

Lemons, grapefruits and limes are delicious. Their juices taste great. The only problem with these types of foods is that they are very acidic. Acid wears down your enamel.

Enamel protects your teeth.

Once your enamel is gone, it’s gone forever.

If you choose to eat citrus fruits, don’t suck on them. Rinse your mouth with water after eating them. This will remove the acid from your mouth.

Chewing Sugary Gum

Gum tastes great. It can help you avoid overeating. And … it is very affordable.Seemingly Harmless Habits that May be Wrecking Your Teeth

Chewing sugary gum exposes your teeth to sugar for extended periods of time. This can lead to cavities.

To avoid cavities, chew sugar free gum. Sugar free gum can actually be great for your oral health.

People often assume that gum is sugar-free. So it’s important to read the label before you buy it.

Chewing gum helps with saliva production.

Saliva production is important for oral health. When you have plenty of saliva, it helps washes away bacteria.

Not Drinking Enough Water

You probably have have heard that you need to drink plenty of water. This is important for your skin, your bodily functions, your mental clarity and your oral health.

Many people don’t know the signs to look for when it comes to dehydration.

Thirst, feeling lightheaded, dizzy, rapid breathing and headaches are all signs of dehydration. If you notice that you feel parched or start to get a headache, drink some water right away.

Playing Sports Without a Mouthguard

Playing physical sports can be dangerous for your oral health. It is important to wear a mouth guard. A custom mouth guard can dramatically reduce your risk of losing a tooth.

Your dentist can fabricate a custom mouthguard.

Chewing Non-Food Items

Chewing on pencils, pens or other hard materials can cause your teeth to chip or break. Don’t do it!

Protect your teeth at all times.

It can be expensive, time-consuming and painful to have damaged teeth. If you do damage a tooth, go to your dentist right away.

Putting off dental care can lead to serious dental issues.

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