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Feeling guilty about seeing a different dentist for affordable dental implants.

I have been very interested in getting dental implants to replace my missing teeth. But I keep putting them off because I cannot afford them. So, I have been looking all over trying to find more affordable dental implants than what my current dentist offers. I recently came across an implant dentist in a surrounding suburb that works with people that have budget issues and offers relatively affordable dental implants. Am I cheating on my regular dentist? I feel so bad about it. I don’t want him to refuse to treat me when he finds out I had the implants done elsewhere.

-Gene in Ohio


You are in no way solely obligated to receive every dental treatment from your current dentist, just because you have been seeing him for routine care. That said, just be sure the dentist across town that is offering affordable dental implants isn’t cutting corners and offering a substandard product.

Dental implant fees vary from one practice to another. But theoretically, most implant dentists rates will be fairly comparable. So if there is a huge difference in fees, you need to dig a little deeper and find out more about it. Affordable dental implants mean different things to different dentists, as well as different things to different patients. For example, you may not be comparing apples to apples. Your dentist may be pricing traditional dental implants and the new dentist may be quoting mini implants. Or the dental implant brand and products may be a factor in the discretion. Be sure that the affordable implant dentist isn’t getting parts from overseas or choosing less quality materials. Parts can vary by hundreds of dollars.

Ultimately, dental implants need to be done by a dentist that you trust. That is hands down the most important factor. If you get a good deal and then the dental implants fall out, become loose or get infected, it will end up costing you much more in the long run.

So, don’t feel bad. Just proceed with extreme caution.

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Can You Get Affordable Dental Implants at a School for Dentists?

I’ve been trying to work out my options for getting affordable dental implants. Everything I’ve come across is lacking in one way or another. My latest idea is to check with a local dental school. I’ve had experience with one in the past. They took pretty good care of me and the work was fairly inexpensive. I know the head doctors check all the work, so I think it’s a viable option. But I’m wondering if a) primary schools actually teach this and would therefore offer it as a service, and b) if this is something that’s safe to have done at a school. Previously, the most I’ve had done is cleanings and fillings. I’m a little leery of having something this big done by them. But it sounds like a great way to get affordable dental implants. What’s the general consensus here?


Larry in Oregon

Dear Larry,

It can be difficult to find affordable dental implants, and a dental school may seem like a great option. As you noted, the work students perform is checked by their teacher (the head dentist), and so a lot of people looking for less-expensive alternatives wind up there.

With that said, a lot a dental implant’s success is dependent on the skill of the doctor who performs the procedure. In the hands of a skilled physician, odds are that the procedure will be a success. Those who are proficient have around a 98% success rate. Unfortunately, very few studies have been performed on the success rates student dentists have. One from  Oregon Health and Science University’s Advanced Education Program in Periodontics indicated a 95.8% success rate. To be fair, part of the program’s guidelines for admittance are that students must already have graduated from a “CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) approved dental school.” So, these are already dentists who decided to further their education by going to school to become periodontists. Moreover, the report doesn’t seem to indicate at which point in training the dentists performed the services, so it’s very difficult to surmise at which point the curve of skill lessens the risk of failure.

If, in your quest for affordable dental implants, you choose to seek out the services of a dental school, you should be aware that the chances of having a successful outcome are slightly diminished. Only you can determine if the potential savings are worth the risk. You also owe it to yourself to find out in advance what recourse you have if the dental implant fails.

You might want to try calling around to established offices and talk to doctors who have more experience. It’s quite likely that you’ll find someone who offers payment plans or financing. Because the work is already done in stages, you may find that paying as the stages pass may make your dental implants affordable as well.

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Conned by dentist offering affordable dental implants?

When I heard I needed dental implants or a partial denture to replace a couple missing teeth, I knew right away I wanted a dental implant. The problem was that it wasn’t going to fit into my budget. So I kept asking around to see what all my options were. Some dentists suggested a dental bridge. Others swore that dental implants are the only option to provide long-term replacement. Then, I found a guy that said he offers affordable dental implants. He sounded like he knew his stuff so, I went for it. Now, I’m totally regretting it. I’ve had so many problems. One of them has already fell out and it’s only been a month. Have I been conned? It may be too late for me, but maybe this post will save someone else from falling into the same trap.



Sorry to hear that you have been having problems and that one of your dental implants failed. So here’s the thing. “Affordable dental implants” can be a great option if they are placed by a highly-skilled dentist. You could have payed the full traditional implant fee and still ended up with problems. The bigger issue at play here is that implant dentistry is not a regulated field within dentistry. This means any dentist can say they do dental implants without any extra training beyond dental school.

Dental implants actually have a very high success rate at 98% when they are done by dentist that knows what he or she is doing. There are many reasons why the dental implant may have failed. The body may have rejected it, the materials could have been substandard, the healing time may have been rushed, the placement could have been incorrect – it’s hard to say.

There are also mini implants which are also known as affordable dental implants. They are much smaller and the surgery to place them is much simpler. But they aren’t as strong as traditional implants, so not everyone is a candidate. It’s unclear if this is the procedure you had done.

It may be time to find a more experienced implant dentist to try and shed some light on what has happened with your case. Thank you for sharing. It can’t be said enough to anyone that is reading this post, it’s not about selecting the treatment, but all in the trust and experience level of the dentist you choose. Spend your time researching the dentist’s credentials, portfolio, and success rate vs. price shopping.

Thank you for your post.

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Looking for affordable dental care. Please help!

I don’t have dental insurance. Therefore, I avoid going because it is so expensive. What is the best way to find affordable dental care? I know beauty schools offer discounted hair cuts and services. Are dental schools similar? Will it be lower cost to have dental work done by a student? Please help!

-Sherry in Iowa


That is a great question and great idea. The answer is yes, dental schools will offer more affordable dental care if you are open to having the work done by students. Keep in mind that since they are students, the appointment may take longer. They are still learning which means they’re slow. Their work is overseen by an instructor and you will have to wait to have the work checked. This is a good option if you are looking for low-cost dentistry because it is nearly half the price of what you would pay in a private practice.

You also need to keep in mind that the standard of care may not be what you expect from a dentist. It would be sub-standard, just not the caliber you may be accustomed to.

Use google to fine an affordable dentist near you. Most dental schools will have an online application or appointment form for your to fill out. For functional issues, this could be a good solution. But if you are dealing with aesthetic concerns, you don’t want to cut corners. Cosmetic dentistry is an art and it wouldn’t be advised to get this type of treatment done by students.

Thank you for your question.

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I know mini implants are cheaper but are they controversial?

I can’t afford to get dental implants so I have been exploring my options. As I did my research, I found mini implants. When I asked my dentist about it, I was told they are “controversial.” He suggested I get a dental flipper or partial denture to replace my missing tooth. Have you heard of this. I think I would prefer the mini implant over a flipper or partial denture because it seems more stable. Why does my dentist feel this way?

-Andrea in Florida


Interesting that your dentist shared his opinion about mini implants being controversial. To make a long story short, mini implants are controversial, mainly since they tend to be misunderstood.

A traditional implant and a mini implant are both surgically implanted into the jawbone. They fuse with the bone and when placed properly will function just like your natural tooth. The difference is the price which your mentioned, they are much more affordable than dental implants because of the size. This is mainly due to the fact that mini implants are much smaller, so the process to place them is much simpler and the healing time is shorter, all which makes them about half the fees.

Yes, they sound great. But if your dentist isn’t recommending them for you, don’t force it. You may be interested in seeking a second opinion from another implant dentist because you want to make sure the dentist that places any kind of implant, is experienced and has performed the procedure on similar cases as yours.

Mini implants sound like an excellent option, but they aren’t right for everyone. Your case may have some specifics that may prohibit you from being a candidate. Some dentist don’t feel that they are strong enough to hold up over time. But depending on what tooth is being replaced, it may work out for you.

Continue asking questions. And don’t move forward with a dentist that is recommending a different treatment option. That could be a recipe for disaster. Thank you for your question.

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Duped By Affordable Dental Implants in Mexico Scheme – Now What???

I’m at a total loss. I needed four affordable dental implants and I was quoted at over $40,000 here in the states. I knew I wanted to have them done anyway. All of my friends rave about how great theirs are and I’m too young to be wearing a partial denture. I figured a dentist is a dentist- they all go to through the same schooling, right? Wrong.

I did my research, and I chose a guy with great reviews. I spent a weekend in Mexico just to meet him, and then I went back three more times for treatment. Surgery was a nightmare. I was in the chair for hours and he didn’t even offer me any medication or nitrous. Sure, I was numb, for most of it, but it was a horrible ordeal. Then, I went back two more times, and he said it was too soon to put the permanent teeth on. Finally, after a year of waiting, and more than $10,000 spent, he finally gives me the permanent teeth. I knew right away that they didn’t look or feel right, but he told me to try them and see. I go back home and my whole jaw starts hurting. Nothing will take the pain away. I have called several times, but they don’t return my calls. It’s not like I can just drive down there and talk to them. What am I supposed to do now?


Dear Duped,

Sounds like you’ve had quite the ordeal trying to get affordable dental implants. Pain is a huge concern, and it could indicate that you’re fighting an infection or that there’s something seriously wrong with the work that was done. It’s important that you seek treatment right away, even if that means seeing an emergency dentist here in the US.

Unfortunately, the Mexican system is founded on arbitration, rather than litigation. This means that it’s ultimately up to the dentist whether he corrects his work or not. If he refuses to help, you can navigate their system, but it’s difficult to make any headway.

Although it’s unclear how long you’ve been trying to contact the office, it’s obvious that you need treatment right away. The only real option you have, for the sake of your health, is to see a local doctor. There’s a very real chance you’ll have to start over with the dental implant process here, and cut your losses with the doctor who performed your work in Mexico.

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Dental implants Groupon deal?

I was told that I need to get a dental implant to replace my missing tooth. So I set out on a hunt to find the best price quote around. Well, my searching must have told my computer I was interested by some ad-ware program, because it was just a couple days before I came across a Groupon deal from a dentist in my city. His quote is much more affordable than any dental implant fee I have found. In fact, it was literally half price. How can this dentist offer such low fees? Should I steer clear or take a chance? I have been known to be cheap, but realize sometimes you get what you pay for.

– Cindy in Tennessee


Unfortunately, this may be one of those instances where you get what you pay for. Dental implants are expensive. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a second or third opinion or fee quote. But half-price is pushing it.

Dental implants require two phases, the surgical phase and the restorative phase. The oral surgery and placement of the titanium post are critical to the success of the implant. If you end up with a lesser experienced implant dentist or one that is cutting corners in some other way, your good deal will end up costing you much more than it’s worth in the long run when it needs to be re-done.

Trust is the most important factor in selecting the right implant dentist. Check their credentials, ask about their success rate, ask to see cases similar to yours. And don’t be afraid to be upfront about looking for ways to making dental implants more affordable. Often times the right dentist will work with you on payment plans, pay as you go, or low or no financing options. So it is probably wise to avoid discount sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local for dental implants.

These services are a fantastic way for new dentists to advertise to potential new patients in the area. But be sure to check them out before moving forward. Good luck and go with your gut on this!

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Is this affordable implant dentist safe?

I went into an office that has a lot of ads out for affordable dental implants. My current dentist wants to charge by thousands of dollars to get my missing teeth replaced with dental implants. But I just haven’t moved forward because they are so darn expensive. So my curiosity won out and I went in for a consultation to this new dentist. Everyone I have talked to about this affordable dentist has told me it’s a terrible idea. They think I will be some kind of experiment or something and that it is a horror story waiting to happen. Is there any way I can tell if the implants he is placing are safe and if he is reputable?

– Sue in South Carolina


The safety of the affordable dental implants you are considering is a multi-faceted topic. Of course, your friends and family are wise to recommend you proceed with caution. There are always malpractice suits occurring where dentists cut corners with dental implants in the quality of parts or shortcut healing times and they end up with loose implants, infection, or other horrifying complications.

But there are affordable dental implant options that are safe and may work for your individual situation. It is just difficult to give you recommendations without having seen your case. For example, dentists that offer affordable dental implants that are safe include, mini implants which are more affordable, all-on-fours, or even partial dentures or overdentures. These options are less expensive than traditional dental implants but not everyone is a candidate.

So what’s much more important is selecting the right, qualified implant dentist that you can trust. Ask about their credentials, how many implants they have placed, what their success rate is, etc. Ask to see and speak with cases that are similar to yours. It’s better to do your research now, then to end up with problems down the road. Inquire about the continuing education he or she has had. If it totals several hundred hours in implant dentistry, that will hopefully mean they are experienced. Also, a typical dental implant success rate would be 98%. So, don’t be bashful. Ask away.

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Looking for cheap (good) dental implants.

I am really wanting to get dental implants but I cannot afford them based on the estimate I got. I am looking for cheap dental implants but still want a good product. Is there a middle-ground or any helpful hints?

– Jeff in Illinois


Please proceed with extreme caution in looking for cheap dental implants. Quite honestly, there is no such thing as good, cheap dental implants. In order to successfully place dental implants requires extensive training and education beyond dental school. Although, implant dentistry is not a regulated field within dentistry so any dentist can take a course here and there and call themselves an implant dentist.

There inlays the problem. You as a patient just see a cheaper option and think they know what they’re doing. But it takes a highly-skilled, precise hand to do them well. Nerve damage, impinged sinuses, broken dental implants, faulty materials, infections, the list goes on when you start looking into dental implant failure. And cutting corners on fees, is one of the biggest indicators you may want to steer clear of that dentist. So proceed with caution when searching for cheap dental implants.

Depending on your individual situation, you may want to shift your thinking into other affordable dental implant alternatives. For example, dental implants may be ideal and the best, permanent solution. But a partial denture, overdenture, or mini implants may be sufficient and end up saving you thousands of dollars. Or you may be able to work out an affordable payment plan to get the implants you desire.

It all starts with trusting your implant dentist. Research his or her credentials, ask about cases similar to yours, and inquire about their personal success rate. Generally speaking, implants have a very high success rate. But when you look at dentists that offer cheap dental implants, you’ll see red flags everywhere.

I hope this information was helpful. Remember, you may have other options. For your own well-being, be very careful when selecting an implant dentist based on fees.

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Clear Choice was My Second Opinion- Do I Need a Third Opinion?

I wanted to have a couple of dental implants done, so I asked my own dentist about it. He quoted me a couple thousand dollars. I’ve been loyal to him for more than a decade and I go in every six months like clockwork. But I knew I wanted implants and couldn’t afford to get them done from him.

I’d heard a little about them, so I made an appointment for a second opinion from Clear Choice. I have to say, I was truly astounded at the way they do business there. I felt like I was on an assembly line, being shuffled around. Sure, they gave me a quote, but they also told me I have to have all these expensive gum treatments and they wanted a huge chunk of money up front in order for me to even schedule. It doesn’t make any sense, especially considering that my regular dentist didn’t say anything about my gums and I’ve always had healthy teeth. The ones I lost weren’t even decayed- I lost them in a car accident. Is it worth getting a third opinion or should I just resign myself to the fact that dental implants will always be out of my reach.


Dear Richard,

Usually, a second opinion after Clear Choice gives a treatment plan is advisable. In this case, it doesn’t sound like you disagree with anything your regular dentist said, and that your main concern is affordability.

If what you truly want is dental implants and you want your dentist to do them, have a discussion with the office manager. Sometimes there’s a little bit of wiggle room, and the office manager is the best one to help you find it. Insurance might pick up a little, if you have coverage. The office might also be able to accept affordable dental payments, and the procedure is typically done in stages anyway. So, even if it sounds like a larger price tag, you can probably whittle it down into more manageable monthly installments. The office staff deals with budgets all the time, so be honest with them about where you stand and see if they can work some magic for you.

If you still can’t afford it, by all means, get another consultation, but beware of offices with ultra-low rates. There’s a reason why they can offer cheap implants, and it probably isn’t a good one.

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