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Do People Get Paid to Write Clear Choice Reviews?

I need to have a couple of dental implants done, and I’ve had a couple of consultations with a general dentist and an implant specialist. I keep eyeing the Clear Choice reviews, because their ads look so great. But, when I read what others are saying online about them, they’re all either five-star or one-star ratings. There seems to be no middle ground with the company. At first I assumed that the people who were rating the company poorly had high standards, or they didn’t have a firm understanding of dentistry. The more I look at it though, I have to wonder if the company is seeding their ratings with paid ones. There was a huge ordeal with other companies doing the same on Amazon recently, and the behavior of the positive reviewers seems to be fitting of someone who was compensated. I’d hate to pass up on receiving top-tier treatment if they’re legit, but if they aren’t… Has there been anything mentioned about whether Clear Choice reviews are legit?


Trevor in Illinois

Dear Trevor,

Yes, Amazon was recently caught up in a fake ratings scandal, though it wasn’t actually Amazon, the company. A third-party company, hired by independent sellers on the website,has been sued for fraudulent activity. At this time, however, there have not been any fraudulent Clear Choice reviews brought to light, so one would hope that the company has not stooped to that level.

With that said, the company has a reputation for providing one-size-fits-all dentistry. When it works, it’s fantastic. When it doesn’t, patients feel duped, misled, and they often wish they’d never heard of the place. A quick look at the current comments on sites like Yelp indicate that pushy sales tactics and difficulty obtaining refunds is also a large problem. In other words, it’s impossible to guarantee what your outcome will be if you choose to have your work done by one of their doctors, and it sounds like you’ll have a difficult time getting them to correct any issues if you’re unhappy.

If you feel good about one of the dental implant doctors you have already seen, it’s best to stick with someone you know and trust. If you’re still unsure about who you want to perform your work, by all means have a consultation, but leave your wallet at home and hold off on signing anything at the first visit.

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Is Clear Choice cheaper than a private implant dentist?

I just heard from my sister that my dad needs dental implants. I don’t have to tell you how expensive they are. Well, me and my sister are footing the bill so we are exploring all our options. We want the quality of life that comes with dental implants, we are just doing our best to find the most economical option. I’m looking for Clear Choice reviews at the moment. Will they be cheaper than the fees from a private dentist.

– Stacey in New York


It is great that you see the value in dental implants. They truly are the best solution to replace missing teeth. You won’t regret choosing implants over dentures.

As far as reviews for Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, that is a loaded question. The reason is that every center operates independently. So the experiences of patients vary greatly depending on what geographic area you live.

When you are asking and assuming Clear Choice will be cheaper, that is probably not an accurate opinion. Generally speaking, you need to be very careful when price shopping for dental implants. Cheap dental implants aren’t always best. Many dentists will cut corners on materials or healing times and there can be any number of complications that arise under these circumstances. We have seen dental implant horror stories where patient’s have had dental implants become loose and other cases where they have become infected, or impinged upon the sinus cavities. There are all sorts of reasons for dental implant failure, from a lack of experience in the dentist placing them to problems with the surgery.

So as you gather price quotes, including from Clear Choice, just be sure you are comparing similar treatment plans. And the dentist’s experience and credentials should be at the top of your list. You need to able to trust this dentist with your dad. You want the best quality of life and ending up with the cheapest option may give him a host of other problems.

Good luck to you and your family!

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Clear Choice is cheaper, is that bad?

I have been into Clear Choice and have negotiated my fees down to $29,000. They started out nearly double that, but when I told them that I simply cannot afford that and my situation wasn’t going to change, they gave me a better deal. It also was probably due to the fact I told them I am a disabled Veteran. Is cheap bad? I don’t want to have problems and am grateful for the price decrease, but every other implant dentist I visited came in around $50-75K. They also were recommending that my teeth were fixed versus getting all dental implants. I have some missing teeth and am in my 60’s. I know I have more teeth that are ready to crumble. I am feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. Any pointers?

– Paul in Washington


Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers generally have skilled doctors. The biggest complaints are based around their sales tactics. They usually recommend one treatment plan, without any other option and that is what a lot of people tend to take issue with.

Typically, this would be the time to seek a second opinion. But it sounds like you have been proactive and have already taken that step. Therefore, if you are feeling comfortable with the treatment plan and doctors, then you probably are ready to proceed.

Yet, it is concerning that the other implant dentists are making recommendations about keeping your existing teeth and not extracting them. Or maybe you didn’t ask them if they would extract the teeth? If you want to so one more cost comparison then go back to the implant dentists again and ask them for the fees for the same services that Clear Choice is providing. Make sure you are clear that you are at the point where you do not trust your remaining teeth and want them extracted and replaced with dental implants. If they stand their ground and are not flexible, than it is probably best to go with Clear Choice. Typically, general dentists are flexible in providing options at different price points and will listen to your concern and incorporate them into their treatment plan. So that is the big question mark as to why they wouldn’t be willing to remove your remaining teeth? If you were in your 20’s or 30’s that would be understandable.

On the other hand, the major price drop by nearly 50 percent from Clear Choice is odd. It could be that they inflated the original fee or maybe there is something else that needs to be looked into. If you are feeling any apprehension with Clear Choice, then listen to your gut. Search Clear Choice reviews in your city and see what it turns up. Also, by searching Clear Choice second opinions, you may find some alternative dentists to meet with if you still want another opinion. Good luck!

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Looking for options to compare with Clear Choice.

I am missing two teeth. When I saw a Clear Choice Dental Implants Center commercial, I went in to see what they were all about. I have had a partial denture for many years but really hate it. I don’t feel like I should have to deal with a denture in my forties. So I’m interested in dental implants. When I went in for my Clear Choice consultation, they told me I have some periodontal disease going on. So, their solution was to remove all of the teeth on the bottom and get implants. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve been into the dentist, but I’m skeptical. Removing all my bottom teeth isn’t sitting right with me, and especially for over $20K! Wouldn’t they want to try and preserve what’s left of my teeth? Does this sound like a legitimate recommendation? If not, what other options do I have?

– Ben in Georgia


Although, Clear Choice makes everything look super simple and hunky dory on television, you aren’t the first person that is seeking a Clear Choice second opinion after their initial consultation. Many Clear Choice reviews show that they have hidden charges and tend to have enormous treatment plans for issues that could have been addressed much more economically. They also have a reputation for high sales pressure tactics in certain areas of the country.

As far as your options go, recommendations vary greatly based on the dentist you see. It would be a very good idea to seek a second opinion. Typically, dentists will do everything they can to salvage as many of your remaining teeth as possible. Also, they will try to keep as much of the natural tooth structure in tact as possible. Even though Clear Choice may have painted an “all-or-nothing” kind of approach, it doesn’t have to be that way.  That is nothing against the professionals that work for Clear Choice, it just is becoming more of an increasing trend in their recommendations.

Saving your natural teeth should always be a priority or at the very least, an option. So if that isn’t a possibility, you may need to keep looking. Periodontal disease can complicate matters, so it will be important to address that concern before moving forward with dental implants.

But just to give you an idea of your possible options at a different practice, they could range between two independent dental implants to replace your two teeth, a dental bridge, or some other hybrid option. It is better to research a certain dentist’s credentials on cases similar to yours than to go into the office with a preconceived treatment idea. But you are right to be skeptical when anyone tells you they want to remove all your bottom teeth!

Thank you for sharing your story and good luck!

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Bad experience with Clear Choice.

My teeth had continually deteriorated. I was embarrassed to smile and had lost so many teeth I was having trouble eating. The time had come for me to get a full mouth replacement with dental implants. I was drawn to Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers because I saw a commercial on tv. They told me to attend a seminar, which I did. And in hindsight, that whole deal was all smoke and mirrors. I was told that I was a “perfect candidate” and all the glitz at the seminar sold me on the spot. I ended up paying Clear Choice over $4K for all-on-four implant-retained denture. This was their “teeth-in-a-day” offer and I was convinced I truly was the “perfect candidate.”

What they should have called the procedure was “dentures-in-a-day” because I basically had a mouth full of plastic. It turns out at a cleaning it was discovered that the implants were not placed where my teeth once were. And I also found out that they could have used my natural teeth to better secure everything but they didn’t. I was so mad when I found out they removed my natural teeth and they didn’t have to. I called and asked for my money back, and of course the answer was no way! I feel suckered and know this post won’t change anything. But if by chance there is someone like me out there, please, please, please reconsider spending so much money. Go to a reputable implant dentist. Don’t make my mistake!

– Jerry in Georgia


Thank you for your willingness to share your experience. The all-on-four technique is quite popular among Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers. They extract all your remaining teeth and to the implant-retained denture. Every Clear Choice Center is different, but thank you for sharing your story. Every dentist has differing philosophies, but you should have been presented with more than one option in your circumstance. Sorry about your experience.

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Looking for the best & most affordable dental implants.

I have faced the reality that I need dental implants to replace my missing teeth. I’m looking for the most economical option but don’t want “cheap” dental implants either. I realize you get what you pay for and have to be careful. This is because I have been online and seen no shortage of dental implant horror stories. What do you think about Clear Choice?

– Cheryl in Iowa


Since implant dentistry is not a regulated field within dentistry, you have to be very cautious when using price as a determining factor. It is good that you realize how important quality materials and services are when it comes to dental implants. You may choose some cheap dental implant dentist and then end up with terrible consequences, probably like you have found on the internet. Failed dental implants, implants that have pierced sinuses, nerve damage, implants that fall out, the list goes on. So the absolute most important decision you have as a patient is finding the right dentist versus selecting a certain type of implant treatment.

Clear Choice is a national company and has locations everywhere. They advertise heavily and present more of a “clinic” environment. There are qualified implant dentists at Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, but it would be wise to treat them with no higher esteem than a private practice. You want to meet with and learn about the particular implant dentist’s credentials that will perform the work for you. Ask to see similar cases to yours, before and after photographs and testimonials, as well as inquire about the frequency and duration of their personal continuing education. Again, it’s all about the dentist. If you do meet with Clear Choice, get a second opinion from another reputable dentist. Even if you don’t go to Clear Choice, there is nothing wrong with screening multiple dentists. Often times you will find that a dentist will give you a free consultation when you are considering dental implants.

As far as your budget goes, there are many financing options available privately for dental work, as well as private payment plans through the practices. Mini implants are another more affordable dental implant option. They are significantly less expensive than standard dental implants. The diameter of the implant is much smaller which means the surgery is much simpler to place them, resulting in lower cost. Although, they aren’t right for everyone. They do present drawbacks in the strength. Again, the right dentist will listen to your cost concerns and make the right recommendations for your specific case. Choose your dentist wisely, it cannot be emphasized enough!

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