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Were We Discriminated Against Based On Appearance at Clear Choice?

We went to a Clear Choice for a scan. They had us fill out paperwork, including financial. We waited for a while. Eventually a woman came out and said we didn’t need this procedure and it’s really expensive. We hadn’t even had an examination. How could they determine what we didn’t need?  I think we were discriminated against. We came straight from work and were a little worse for wear. We work blue collar jobs, so our clothes were pretty dirty.

August M. – Ohio


My guess is that your credit was denied. It’s possible they decided, based on your appearance, they didn’t feel you could afford the services without the credit. However, I’m surprised they didn’t at least talk to you about the situation. It’s certainly not professional behavior.

Whenever you are turned down for credit you applied for, you are legally entitled to receive a credit report explaining the reasons for denial. I would ask Clear Choice to send you a letter indicating that you were turned down. You should be able to use that to get a free copy of your credit report.

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