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Clear Choice’s Lack of Diversity Makes Me Uncomfortable

I had a Clear Choice consultation this week. I knew about their pressure tactics going into the meeting, so I was well prepared to hold them off. Why they’d want someone to sign and then and there is beyond me. This is an important medical decision that requires consideration. One thing I didn’t realize until I had the consult is that they seem to only do one procedure. It seems a little unlikely that everyone miraculously has the exact same problem when they go to Clear Choice. Do they only do the one procedure? If so, why?

Joe T. R. – Virginia


I completely agree. When you’re making a big decision like replacing several teeth at once, you should always talk to more than one dentist. It’s life changing and a costly procedure, so it only makes sense to gather lots information from various sources before you begin.

As far as the Clear Choice reviews go, the company as a whole really is known for doing one thing and one thing only (aside from pressuring people to sign the contract).

Some might call them specialists, but others might point out that doing the same thing over and over again could indicate that they’re not treating people like individuals with unique needs. Cookie cutter practices or assembly line dentistry doesn’t do anyone any good, except for the people who practice that way. After all, what’s right for you may not be right for the person down the street. When you pair it with strong arm tactics to get you to commit to it right there and then, alarm bells would sound with most thoughtful people.

If you have a consultation with one or two more offices and they all suggest the same thing, then it probably is the best option for you. However, you should be looking for someone who listens to your particular cases needs, then gives you all your options, so you can make an informed decision on your treatment. Clear Choice reviews are all over the place in terms of patient satisfaction and the same procedure is performed nearly every single time. With all that practice on the same procedure, there reviews should be more consistent. That should set off alarm bells all its own.

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Where Can I Get Clear Choice Second Opinion?

I’m curious about getting Clear Choice second opinions. I am missing several teeth on my lower jaw, but they’re in pairs. Two on the left in back, then another two closer to the front, and another two in the same spot on the other side. They told me I wasn’t a candidate for their regular thing that they advertise and wanted me to replace every single tooth with a dental implant, to the tune of $20,000.  They wanted me to commit to it right then and there, but that’s a whole lot of money, so I told them I’d need to think about it. Now I’m wondering if this is really my only option. Is there a place that specializes in giving Clear Choice second opinions? If so, how do I go about finding one and what should I tell them about my initial quote? Is it better if they do it blindly or know what my prior experience was like?




In your case, I would definitely recommend a second opinion. I’m not a fan of removing healthy teeth. If all your teeth were in bad shape, then they might have a case, but if your other teeth are healthy, it just sounds like they’re trying to fit you into their procedure.

When getting a second opinion, you generally don’t want to mention the other dentist or their recommendations, just in case they know each other. Sometimes it is hard for one dentist to go contrary to the opinion of another dentist, especially if they know one another. You won’t really have to worry about that with Clear Choice, because that is a different situation.

When it comes to replacing your teeth, there really are many options.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Brad Hylan.