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Can I just get dental implants instead of braces?

I have some crowding on one side of my mouth and the last thing I want to do is be a brace face. I saw a Clear Choice commercial and I was wondering if I can just get my teeth pulled and replaced with dental implants?

– Darrel in New Jersey


Although Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers may look appealing in their commercial, please think this plan through before taking any action.

Based on what you have described, it doesn’t really sound like you are dental implant candidate. There may be some alternative treatments that will work better for you. Most reputable dentists will do absolutely everything possible to preserve healthy tooth structure. So, having crooked teeth extracted because you don’t like braces doesn’t sound like a logical decision.

Although dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth, the process is quite invasive and the procedure is highly complex. It is difficult to say what other options are best for you without having that much information about your specific case, but you need to meet with a reputable implant dentist in addition to Clear Choice if you decide to get a consultation from them.

It is possible you may be able to get crowns, have only a tooth or two removed and have a successful bridge, or possibly a partial denture? Or maybe you it would be best to incorporate dental implants into your treatment plan. But please don’t pull healthy teeth. Once they are gone, there is not getting them back.

If crowding is the main issue here, it is possible Invisalign may work for you. Don’t make any rash decisions based on some bias about orthodontics. You need to make the best decision for your long-term oral health. It’s time to see a respected implant dentist and go from there.

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Conflicting recommendations between Clear Choice & my Periodontist?

I am frustrated because I feel like I don’t know what to do? I have an ill-fitting denture on the bottom and have been very uncomfortable for years. The last time I was in at my dentist, he quoted me for an implant-supported denture and told me to seek a second opinion from a periodontist. He told me that there was a possibility that I would require bone grafting. I see commercials all the time for Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, so I decided it would be worth it to hear their two cents too. Clear Choice said I don’t need bone grafting and my dentist and the Periodontist I met with recommended that I do need bone grafting. I’m feeling confused and wondering who is just trying to get more money out of me or who has my best interests in mind?

– Carl in Florida


It is difficult to give you much feedback because it isn’t quite clear the treatment plan that Clear Choice provided you. But it sounds as if it is safe to assume the treatment plans are not the same.

If you have a traditional denture (which it sounds is the case) then several dental implants can be used to support the denture to stabilize it and make it more comfortable. In order to ensure these implants act as an anchor to the denture, there needs to be adequate bone present at the implant site. If there isn’t enough bone density, then you run the risk of the dental implants failing.

Clear Choice Dental Implant centers often times recommend what is called the all-on-four procedure. One of the main factors in this recommendation is that there is typically more bone toward the back of the mouth, therefore eliminating the need for bone grafting. They utilize this bone location by angling the implants to hold the denture with only four dental implants. But make sure you do your homework, because there are many implant dentists out there that flat-out refuse to perform the all-on-four procedure because their is a higher failure rate, approximately five percent by a 2011 study. Then if it fails, you will have to get bone grafting done anyway.

So, try not to have the mentality that one dentist or practice is trying to get more money out of you, but take the time to find the right implant dentist that you can trust. The more opinions and research you do upfront, especially in deciding whether or not you require bone grafting, will be well worth the expense and stress if the treatment is unsuccessful.

This post is sponsored by Cleveland dentist Hylan Dental Care.