The Top 10 Reasons You Have Bad Breath

It's embarrassing.

It makes for an awful first impression when meeting new people.

We try our best to prevent and eliminate it, but sometimes it's not good enough.

Sometimes we're on the go, and[…]

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A Complete Guide to A Routine Teeth Cleaning

What Happens During A Routine Teeth Cleaning Dentist Visit

Clean teeth are as crucial to your health as looking good and having a perfect smile.

While regular brushing and flossing are essential,[…]

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This Toothbrush and App Could Improve Your Brushing Habits

Yes, folks, there’s such a thing as a ‘smart’ toothbrush these days. 

Meet the Kolibree -- the only toothbrush on the market that will point out that you have missed a spot.  Technology never fails to[…]

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