This Toothbrush and App Could Improve Your Brushing Habits

Yes, folks, there’s such a thing as a ‘smart’ toothbrush these days. 

Meet the Kolibree -- the only toothbrush on the market that will point out that you have missed a spot.  Technology never fails to disappoint!

So how does that work exactly? 

The Smart Toothbrush

The Kolibree has sensors installed in the toothbrush, which “measure its location and pressure in the mouth” according to the Daily Mail

The toothbrush then links up using Bluetooth technology with an app you can download onto your smartphone. 

After you brush your teeth, the information from the sensors is sent to the app. 

You’ll easily be able to tell if you have been brushing properly -- including where you have brushed, and where you have missed a spot.  Pretty cool, huh?

Just check out the video below!

We’re not saying this super-cool toothbrush comes cheap -- it’s going on sale for $100 this year. 

But if you are someone with dental issues and you can afford it, the Kolibree system offers a simple way to show your dentist your brushing routine down to a science, and that way he or she can correct it for you.

Improving Your Oral Hygiene with the Kolibree Brush

Even if you have good dental hygiene habits, the Kolibree can simply tell you if you brushed long enough in certain areas, and remind you to hit the hard-to-reach spots like your molars and the back of your mouth.  Hey -- some of us don’t cover it all, and it’s pretty darn hard to notice sometimes!

The Kolibree phone app (available for Android and iOS operating systems) will even give you a star rating out of 5 each time you brush. 

The device was first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We’re not doubting that this is an excellent idea. 

The question is, will people splurge on their dental health enough to invest in the Kolibree toothbrush?

Tech Is Great But So Are The Pros!

If you think your overall oral health needs an upgrade you can always stop into your nearest Hylan Dental Care facility for a checkup. Just click this link.