Composite Fillings

When it comes to Tooth Fillings in Cleveland, you have many options.

Silver amalgam fillings have been placed by dentists since the year 1840.

While many dentists seem to be satisfied with this old fashion technology, here at Hylan Dental Care, we feel that there is a better and more effective way to fill your teeth.

The new white composite fillings have several important advantages over amalgam.

So why are composite fillings preferable over silver amalgam?

Let's take a closer look.

Composite vs. Amalgam Filling | Hylan Dental

Advantages of Composite Fillings

You may be surprised to hear all of the wonderful benefits composite fillings provide over silver amalgam.

1. Less Drilling

The dentist doesn’t have to drill away as much of the tooth.

Because composite bonds to tooth structure, there is no need to remove the weakened parts of the tooth that have to be removed when amalgam is placed.

Often, composite fillings can be made one-third the size of amalgam, or even less.

2. Bonding

Composite fillings will bond to the teeth.

This strengthens your teeth and will make them less likely to break down and need a crown at a later point.

3. More Gentle

They are gentler to the teeth, and overall much less irritating. 

You don't have that uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold for weeks afterward that you may be used to.

4. No Mercury

For many people, the most important difference is that they contain no mercury.

Silver amalgam contains 50% mercury. While we have been told that this mercury is tightly bound in the filling, some recent studies have shown that they cause small amounts of mercury vapor to be released into your mouth every time you chew.

This makes some people nervous because mercury is a very toxic metal that is difficult for your body to eliminate.

5. Better Appearance

Of course, one incredibly important component is that composite fillings look nicer.

They can be colored to look just like your tooth, so there is no need for the unsightly amalgam fillings that turn black as they corrode in your mouth.


Make the Best Decision For Your Smile

Are you interested in white, mercury-free composite fillings?

If so, we’d be happy to see you at Hylan Dental Care. We are determined to Fill your Teeth using safe and gentle treatment methods.

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Composite Fillings

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"First time in Hylan dental and everyone was so nice. I was scheduled for two wisdom teeth extraction and filling. Very scary when you think about it. They told me everything is going to be okay and painless. They absolutely right! They know exactly what I was feeling so they make sure I was in that confirm zone. The surgery was so smooth and painless I was amazed. Love the place and to anybody who is looking for a dental place, I absolutely recommended this place."