Dental Bridges Cleveland

dental bridge services in ClevelandThis diagram shows what a dental bridge looks like. It is two crowns, with a false tooth suspended between them, that is cemented over the adjacent teeth.

If you have one or two missing teeth, there are two common options for replacement teeth. One is a dental implant. Click the link to read more about affordable dental implants. A dental implant acts and feels almost exactly like your own tooth, so it is becoming a popular option for replacing missing teeth.

But dental implants require surgery, aren’t appropriate for every situation, and usually require a period of two or more months of healing time to complete treatment. A dental bridge is faster to place, and is the traditional treatment of choice for a missing tooth.

A dental bridge involves placing two dental crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The teeth are prepared for crowns, an impression is taken, a temporary bridge or temporary crowns are placed over the prepared teeth, and the impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge is made to precisely fit your teeth and your bite.

In a follow-up appointment, the dental bridge is adjusted and fitted and then permanently cemented.

Do you have a missing tooth?

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