Dental Chicken

Cleveland Dental ChickenAre you a dental chicken? Don’t feel alone—most people are to one degree or another.

The three most common fears are: fear of flying, fear of speaking in public, and fear of the dentist. So you are in good company.

Does the picture at the right make you break out in a cold sweat? Well, relax.

Here at Hylan Dental Care, we understand, and will do everything we can to make your visits pleasant and comfortable.

Options for the Dental Chicken

There are a number of things we can do to help you. For some people, they just need to feel that the dentist truly cares and will try to be gentle. We do that for everyone.

For others, there are specific issues they need addressed, such as “the shot.” Did you know that there is now an extra-slender 33-gauge needle? It is so tiny that you can hardly feel it.

At Hylan Dental Care we also use a new topical anesthetic. We just wipe it on the area where we are giving the injection in your mouth, and it makes it so numb that you don’t even feel it.

For many people, distraction helps a lot. Knowing this, we have placed TV sets in each treatment room. When you can watch TV during your appointment, it’s easier to forget what we are doing. We find that this works especially well with children. They just watch their favorite TV show while we are fixing their teeth.

Nitrous Oxide

For a lot of people, nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas or happy gas, is the solution to their dental anxiety. It creates a general feeling of calm and relaxation. Additionally, if you have had a hard time in the past getting numb, it will strengthen the novocain. It makes everything go better, and the appointment seems to go by much faster.

Another nice thing about nitrous oxide gas is that it wears off immediately. At the end of your appointment, we give you pure oxygen to breathe for a couple of minutes. You are then back to normal and can drive home or go back to doing whatever you need to.

Sedation Dentistry

If nitrous oxide isn’t strong enough for you, the next step up is sedation dentistry. Click the link to learn more. This isn’t as convenient as nitrous oxide, because you need to have someone bring you to the office and take you home, and you will feel groggy for a while after the appointment. But people love it because in many cases they don’t even remember their appointment. With some patients, this has helped them completely overcome their fear of the dentist. If this interests you, ask us about it.

Do you consider yourself a dental chicken? If so, we’d be happy to see you at Hylan Dental Care. Just give us a call at. Or you can request an appointment online, by clicking on our request an appointment page.