New Dental Crowns and Replacements

dental crown treatment in ClevelandIf a tooth breaks, or if it needs such a large filling that it is in danger of breaking, a dental crown is the preferred restoration procedure.

While a filling replaces decayed tooth structure with filling material, it does little to strengthen the tooth.

Amalgam fillings, in particular, weaken the tooth and make it more susceptible to breaking. Composite fillings, since they bond to the tooth, will strengthen a tooth.

But even with composite, when there is a lot of tooth structure missing, a filling will not strengthen the tooth enough to protect it. A dental crown covers the entire tooth and is the best way to prevent fracture.

Getting a dental crown is generally a two-appointment process. The tooth is prepared on the first appointment, an impression is taken of the prepared tooth, and a temporary crown is placed.

The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is precision fabricated to fit your tooth exactly and to fit into your bite. In a follow-up appointment, the dental crown is fitted to your tooth and permanently cemented.

Custom Shade Temporary Crowns

How dentist's fix cracked teeth with crownsWearing a temporary is not a favorite activity of many people. Not only can the temporary be uncomfortable, but it can look funny. Here at Hylan Dental Care, we understand that and are trying everything we can to make your dental care more compassionate and caring. So we custom shade your temporary crowns to look as natural as possible.

But don’t fall in love with your temporary crown! It’s important to keep your appointment to have the permanent one placed because the temporary is designed to be just that—temporary.

Dental Crowns Needed

Both of these teeth need dental crowns. The one on the left has already broken. It should have had a crown some time ago, to prevent it from breaking.

The one on the right hasn’t broken yet, but you can see discoloration and cracks on the right side of the tooth that indicate it is at high risk of breaking.

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