Dental Implants Cost

The cost of dental implants can be broken down into two parts, since there are two procedures involved. The first part of the cost is for the surgical implantation of the root into the jawbone.

After a period of healing time, the restorative procedure accounts for the second part of the cost.

We caution you on price shopping when it comes to dental implants. Be leery of the deal that seems to good to be true. Dentists have found many ways to cut costs. This usually happens in regard to the materials used. Unfortunately, you will have no idea until it is too late. An implant that is supposed to last for 20 years may become loose in just a few years. Other problems encountered with cheap implants include infection, misplacement into a patient’s sinus or nerve canal, causing facial numbness. In the long-run, you will pay more when quality is compromised.

Ways to Save on Dental Implant Costs

The total cost of dental implants is difficult to estimate due to the many factors that vary from case to case. But, there are ways to save on dental implants cost.

Mini implants are a more affordable option than conventional dental implants. They are much smaller and can be placed in only one visit. To find out if you are a candidate and learn more, visit our mini implants page.

Depending on your situation, another way we may be able to save on costs is by placing fewer dental implants. We utilize the latest 3-D CT scans giving us the most accurate picture of your specific case. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to precisely plan the number and placement for each implant.

High Quality Dental Implants

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Straumann dental implants in Cleveland We are committed to providing quality materials at the most reasonable cost. That is why we use Straumann dental implants, the #1 implant available in the world.

Our research has shown that we fall well within the average price range for the Cleveland area. We may not be the cheapest dental implant dentist in town, but the standard of care and materials provided is more than worth it.

Hylan Dental Care offers many options when it comes to saving on the cost of Cleveland dental implants. Give us a call at 855-876-6100 for new patients to schedule a consultation or click here to visit our make an appointment page.