Dental Implants Fell Out

We have seen too many cases where dental implants fall out after a couple of years. They are supposed to be solid and permanent, but the placement of dental implants is a loosely regulated area of dentistry. There is no special licensing required for dentists to be able to place implants, and there are dentists doing this procedure without adequate training.

When implants are placed initially, they can feel a bit loose since the bone hasn’t formed around the root to stabilize them. But if they continue to be loose after the healing period, they can be at risk to fall out.

There are many reasons for this.

  • Dental implants may be placed under stress before they are ready. It takes time for the bone to heal and form around the fixture. So if this is rushed, dental implants can fall out.
  • In an attempt to save on costs, some dentists use substandard fixtures. There are only a few dental implant fixtures that have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration and the American Dental Association. Poor products can cause problems in the sensitive tissues surrounding the implant. This can result in your body’s rejection of the dental implant. Dr. Hylan only uses Straumann dental implant fixtures, the #1 proven dental implant available in the world.
  • If any portion of the dental implant becomes loose, infection can be a serious concern. This may happen when bacteria and debris become lodged between the fixture and your tissues. This will weaken the bone and may cause the dental implant to fall out.
  • Inadequate bone density could be a cause for your body to reject the implant. Bone grafting can be used to build up the jawbone. But if a dentist is looking to save money, this critical element is sometimes skipped.
  • Everybody handles things differently and there can be unforeseen biological issues that cause dental implant failure.
  • Improper placement can also be a reason that your dental implant falls out. Dr. Hylan uses 3-D CAT scans in the diagnostic phase. This provides him with very detailed information available to plan each surgery. Some dentists feel two-dimensional scans are sufficient and serious complications have resulted, like piercing the sinus cavity or floor of the nose.

How to Treat a Dental Implant That Falls Out

Replacement is the only way to repair an implant that falls out. It all depends on your specific circumstance what the course of action will be, whether the implant was used to anchor a single tooth or a denture. Sometimes it can be placed in the same position, but other times a period of healing may be required and there may be a need for bone grafting.

Dr. Hylan is one of the most competent implant dentists in Cleveland. He has successfully fixed many dental implant problems and is highly skilled in both the surgical and restorative phases of implant dentistry.

Diagram of a Dental Implant

Diagram of a Dental Implant

Pictured left is a diagram of a successful dental implant placement. You can see how the bone has healed around the implant, holding the fixture precisely in place. The process where the bone forms around the root is called osseointegration. When this fundamental step fails, dental implants may fall out.

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