Denture Soft Liner

Cleveland denture soft liner

Shown above is a picture of a soft liner for a removable denture. Photo provided courtesy of Eliason Dental Laboratory, Portland, Maine.

A soft liner can be used on the inside of a conventional removable denture. This liner can be inserted when the denture is originally made or added at a later time.When you are missing all of your teeth, the body senses that the bone is no longer needed to support your teeth. The bone is resorbed into the body which causes the jawbone to shrink. After a period of many years patients can suffer from facial collapse. The lower jaw is more susceptible to this condition and the arch deteriorates into a sharp ridge. It can be very painful to continue wearing a denture due to the pressure sores that can develop. A softer lining for a denture can help alleviate the discomfort.

Soft Liner Benefits

For anyone with a denture, this product will make it more comfortable since it can be fitted more tightly. This snug fit can improve chewing efficiency.

Soft Liner Disadvantages

The material that makes it up is more porous so proper cleaning is very important. Increased bacteria can cause problems.

It is more expensive then a hard liner and the procedure to place and maintain it is more difficult. Also, it breaks down faster and needs to be replaced more frequently.